The Study of Life

Welcome! This podcast is intended as a supplemental resource for biology students/those preparing for the DAT exam. Topics in biology specific to the exam will be covered. If you’re preparing for the MCAT or simply curious about the sciences you may also find these lectures helpful! Hoping to expand to chem and ochem soon!

*Disclaimer: This podcast is not meant to be sole preparation material for the biology section. It is simply intended as an extra review of concepts you are already familiar with. Please take appropriate measures to prepare fully for the DAT/MCAT. Also- pronounciation is not always perfect and I send my apologies for that in advance. Although I have a strong background in the sciences I am not a native- English speaker and biology is a language of its own! Primary sources include Feralis and Bootcamp Notes along with my notes from undergrad and notes from Campbell’s Biology.


Cell cycle, Mitosis & Meiosis- Speed Review
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Part 2: Cells and Organelles
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Part 1: Cells and Organelles
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Molecules & Fundamentals of Biology
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