• The Tale of Two Lovers | Short Story

    A storyteller illustrates the beauty of love to an audience of children.

    5m - Feb 20, 2021
  • Come Along With Me | Short Story

    As we grow up, we sometimes drift away from those we care most about: friends and even family. Little sister Rue misses spending time with her big sister, Jess. Nowadays, they mostly keep to themselves. Their likes and dislikes oppose each other at every turn. But one day, Jess reveals a magic pen that transports you into your drawing. By reconnecting with their shared memories, they seek to rekindle their sisterhood.

    10m - Sep 1, 2020
  • Dumb Dog | Short Story

    While strolling down the block, stray cat Zoe smells blood on a backyard fence. Within moments, a mangy pup named Rex is begging to join her on the streets. A cat babysitting a dog? Preposterous. As Zoe tries to shoo him away, she realizes that there may be a more unsettling reason why Rex doesn't wish to stay home.

    11m - Jul 4, 2020
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