The Spicy Corner Podcast: Things You Hate Hearing During Sex

20m | Mar 19, 2022

Classi Ladi and Lady Goldy Locs are here tonight discussing the top things you hate hearing during sex. The Spicy Corner is heating up as your hosts list things they’ve heard in the bedroom from most annoying to most off-putting that would downright turn you off.

Are you with a questioner, asking things like, “Who’s pussy is this?” “Am I your daddy?” or the question with the most obvious answer, “Did you come yet?” (Like, obviously, if you’re asking then you know!)

Or are you with someone who’s placing demands like, “put it in,” “you gotta suck it to get it hard,” or “you get on top”? Is he making too much noise and screaming like a bitch or is he silent, not even letting you know he’s enjoying himself? Also, which of our hosts had a man want them to urinate on him?

Tune in to hear more about Classi and Goldy’s shared dislikes and find which ones you agree with as well. Be sure to engage with them on social media or drop them a DM or email!

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