Let's Talk About Sex

Season 1 | Episode 2
43m | Nov 12, 2021

Salt-N-Pepa had it right, ladies. It’s time to talk about sex bay-be. On today’s episode of The Spicy Corner, I sit down with sex coach and fellow host Lady Goldy Locs to talk everything sex, threesomes, toys, fuck buddies, orgasms and relationships. So tune in, listen up and prepare to get down and dirty with us! Did you know that couples who discuss difficult topics are ten times more likely to have a successful relationship? So even if you’re embarrassed, being able to open up and have an honest conversation with your partner can reap rewards down the line.

We begin by talking about our limits in the bedroom, and the things we would do with a boyfriend and then with a fuck buddy. Lady Goldy Locs sets clear limits with her fuck buddies, which means having The Conversation about your relationship status early on. We also talk kinky sex and our sexual fantasies, and where we are on the pepper scale of hot sex, from bell pepper to Carolina reaper! 

We also talk about where sex fits into our lives overall, and what role it plays in our relationships. Sex can throw up some major challenges in relationships, from differing sex drives to sexual dysfunction due to stress or to health problems. If you’re facing these kinds of issues in your sex life, it’s essential to talk about it with your partner and clear the air, because there are solutions available, but only if you acknowledge the problem. Another common issue that many women face is having difficulty reaching orgasm. I think we’ve all been in that situation where you’re with a guy, having a good time in bed together, and suddenly the sex is over because he’s finished and you weren’t even half done. This is another problem that can only be tackled with clear, non-judgmental communication, and maybe with the help of a few lil sex toys to keep things spicy. 

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[00:43] Couples who talk about difficult topics are 10x more likely to have a successful relationship

[03:00] Lady Goldy Locs’ limits in the bedroom

[05:05] What is a fuck buddy? 

[06:17] When should you have ‘the conversation’ with your fuck buddy?

[07:23] The stories that come out at sex toy parties

[09:23] Wild ‘n’ kinky sex

[11:44] That threesome thing

[13:27] When threesomes go wrong

[15:19] Would Classi Ladi do a threesome?

[16:50] The one sex thing that Classi Ladi would want to do right now

[19:17] Orgasms: when they don’t happen

[21:29] Quit toying with me

[22:35] Are you a Carolina reaper or bell pepper?

[24:44] What role does sex play in your life?

[25:40] Buying sex toys for your daughter

[28:28] Working towards orgasms

[30:24] Having a great sex life as part of having a great relationship

[31:46] How often do you want to have sex?

[37:48] Sexual dysfunction in a relationship

[41:38] Talking about sex with your new partner

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