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The Sleepless Yogi Show

The Sleepless Yogi Show is the most practical podcast that explore the tactics and transform aspiring online entrepreneurs into starting multiple streams of passive income. Software Engineer by profession, Sleepless Yogi has been an entrepreneur himself inspiring and teaching hundreds of students through social media platforms and his online courses. On The Sleepless Yogi Show he break down big ideas and strategies into actionable step by step system designed to get your results in fastest time possible. Every episode is packed with no-BS actionable tips and hints for audience of every level, whether you are just thinking of starting your online business or have been doing it for multiple years.


Steps to Create and Host your first Website on the Internet
Show Details10min 31s
How I manage my time - my Top 8 Productivity Tips
Show Details9min 30s
How to stop procrastinating
Show Details11min 16s
3 Books That Changed My Life
Show Details10min 52s
The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Stocks - part 2
Show Details12min 16s
The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Stocks - part 1
Show Details10min 14s
How to start making money on Upwork
Show Details14min 12s
Coding Bits: Should Web Developer learn Algorithms and Data Structures
Show Details1min 21s
Coding Bits: How to apply programming knowledge
Show Details1min 9s
How to create high-quality Instagram content
Show Details12min 13s
Optimizing your Instagram account for more followers
Show Details12min 26s
My Journey Part 3: Yogi Returns
Show Details14min
My Journey Part 2: To -$40K Financial Debt
Show Details11min 2s
My Journey Part 1: From India to the USA
Show Details8min 18s
Top 4 Reasons - Why Should Everyone Build a Brand on Social Media
Show Details5min 49s
How Can I Make $1000 per Month on Instagram
Show Details12min 58s
Top 5 Passive Income Ideas In 2021
Show Details13min 9s