How to Land a TEDx Talk (and Why It Changes EVERYTHING)

54m | Nov 7, 2023

Jessica dives deep with Ashley Stahl, exploring her unique shift from a career in national security to becoming a sought-after career coach. Ashley shares a memorable experience in France that reshaped her professional trajectory. She unpacks the impact of her TEDx talk, which not only went viral but also paved the way for her career coaching business. Throughout the conversation, Ashley underscores the art of storytelling as a cornerstone of impactful presentations, clarifies the distinctions between TED and TEDx platforms, and offers invaluable insights on preparation and the essence of authenticity when taking the stage.

Today on The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • How the right talk can elevate your personal brand
  • Keys to crafting an impactful TEDx Talk with storytelling and authenticity
  • Distinguishing between TED and TEDx: Making the right choice
  • Tips on managing nerves and ensuring a successful presentation
  • Navigating the personal branding "islands" and the pivotal role of TEDx

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