The Show Must Go On: A Musical Mystery at Sea

Seven lucky sweepstakes winners are aboard the first cruise to set sail since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. These winners are ecstatic to see their Broadway favorites take the stage, but the excitement is brought to a screeching halt when they discover one of the performers dead in the greenroom! 

The Show Must Go On: A Musical Mystery at Sea is brought to you by the Musical Theatre Department at Anderson University.

Please consider making a donation by clicking the link below. All proceeds will support the performing arts. Donations will go to The Musical Theatre New Works and New Media Initiative at Anderson University and The Actors’ Fund - a human services organization committed to the health and financial needs of entertainment professionals which has been instrumental during the COVID-19 pandemic. 



Tori Adler - Penny

Skyla Bruno - Jordana Jaz

Morgan Budd - Kylie Montana

Jillian Chaney - Elizabeth Hughes

Brittany Davis - Barbara Berrycloth

Brady Day - Bruno Martini

Jesse Hernandez - Emilio Perez

Logan Wuertley - Archibald Fasnacht & Jeff Geraldo

Jamie Valentine - Anne Pratt

Cody Stiglich - News Anchor

Featuring Guest Stars:

Jill Abramovitz and Aaron Lazar

Creative & Production Team:

Cody Stiglich - Book Writer and Podcast Editor

Sam Balzac - Composer/Lyricist and Tracks Designer

Stacey Schiller - Director

Levi Burke - Music Director

Bridget Haight - Vocal Coach

Nina Ludwick - Production Manager

Chad Evans - Sound Engineer

Eric Reiberg - Technical Director

David Coolidge - Producer

Story Conceived By:

Cody Stiglich, Sam Balzac, Stacey Schiller, and David Coolidge


Episode 4: Fizzle?
Show Details17min 43s
Episode 3: Ms. Abramovitz…Are You in There?
Show Details13min 42s
Episode 2: Is Anyone Here a Detective?
Show Details18min 48s
Episode 1: Did Anybody Hear That?
Show Details19min 12s
Show Details43s