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The Shocking Details

Every week Joe from Thinking Sideways and Filmmaker Vincent Caldoni take on new cases of mystery, history, true crime and tales of the paranormal.


The Lost Library of Ivan The Terrible
Show Details48min 6s
The Corrupted Blood
Show Details1hr 5min
DSK: Prisoner 1225782
Show Details1hr 1min
The Moon-Eyed People prt. 2
Show Details45min 25s
The Moon-Eyed People Part 1
Show Details41min 57s
The Somosierra Boy
Show Details51min 16s
Missing! Sandra Hughes
Show Details46min 51s
The Trunk Murderess
Show Details45min 46s
The Geezer Bandit
Show Details51min 18s
The Werewolf of Dole
Show Details1hr 8min
Who Is Jetpackman?
Show Details48min 47s
The Treasure of RMS Republic
Show Details1hr 12min
The Frankford Slasher Prt 2
Show Details38min 7s
The Frankford Slasher prt. 1
Show Details38min 18s
The Search for Paittiti (and other lost cities too)
Show Details1hr 1min
Show Details59min 9s
The Mincemeat Deception
Show Details55min 49s
The Mysteries of Skeleton Lake
Show Details1hr 3min
The Return of George Kimmel
Show Details48min 35s
WTF Happened to Operation High Jump?
Show Details59min 9s
The Body In the Cylinder
Show Details38min 50s
The Sai Kung Barrier Prt. 2
Show Details27min 8s
The Sai Kung Barrier
Show Details53min 23s
The Vampire of Bucharest
Show Details39min 54s
The Disappearence of Brenda Heist
Show Details50min 5s
Show Details43min 17s
Ghost Ship: "High Aim 6" Prt 1
Show Details37min 26s
The Horror at the Reservoir
Show Details1hr 5min
John Christie & Timothy Evans
Show Details49min 5s
The Bologna Train Station Bombing
Show Details59min 44s
Operation Gladio
Show Details39min 17s
Who is Herman Fankem?
Show Details48min 28s
Omar Killed Me
Show Details48min 20s
Heidi Planck
Show Details57min 7s
UFOregon 2017!
Show Details57min
The Man Who Infiltrated Area 51 Prt. 2
Show Details43min 9s
The Man Who Infiltrated Area 51
Show Details1hr 9min
The Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure
Show Details46min 29s
X-Mas Special: UFOs Over Warminster
Show Details20min 12s
Horror At Lake Nyos
Show Details53min 6s
MV Joyita Prt 2
Show Details55min 44s
MV Joyita prt 1
Show Details40min 34s
Teddy Franks and Tara Calico
Show Details1hr 5min
DB Cooper: The Suspects
Show Details35min 36s
DB Cooper: The Interviews
Show Details33min 16s
DB Cooper: The Theories
Show Details1hr 23min
DB Cooper
Show Details1hr 6min
The Abduction of Ellen Turner
Show Details42min 51s
Bonus Ep.: Happy Whale day!
Show Details26min 9s
Mysteries of Nan Madol
Show Details59min
TRAILER: The Mysteries of Nan Madol
Show Details4min 14s
My Favorite [Acid Bath] Murder
Show Details55min 29s
Halloween Bonus! Stingy Jack
Show Details6min 24s
The Night Hag
Show Details47min 28s
The London Burkers
Show Details50min 13s
Burke & Hare
Show Details50min 16s
The Laurie McQuary Story Prt II
Show Details56min 3s
The Laurie McQuary Story Prt. I
Show Details40min 16s
The London Monster
Show Details39min 51s
"Clay" The Serial Killer
Show Details53min 34s
Lillian Alling: Mystery Woman of the North
Show Details58min 43s
The Pangboche Hand
Show Details46min 58s
Incident at SL-1: The Theories.
Show Details22min 38s
Incident at SL-1
Show Details24min 41s
The Giant & The Rock
Show Details55min 24s
The Man Who Stole The Stars
Show Details40min 49s
The Chiong Sisters
Show Details46min 33s
REUPLOADED: The Reappearing Corpse
Show Details44min 10s
A Call From The Men In Black
Show Details41min 54s
Oakville Vs Blobs
Show Details41min 36s
The Erdington Murders
Show Details47min 19s
Terror! In Ape Canyon
Show Details1hr 6min
The Death of Max Spiers
Show Details51min 57s
Alferd Packer: Colorado Wendigo?
Show Details53min 15s
The Lost Library of Iona
Show Details48min 13s
The Red Ghost
Show Details49min 5s
The Desert Faux
Show Details43min 35s
The Confounding Death Of Jordan Grider
Show Details49min 40s
The Sinking of The Lermantov
Show Details54min 38s
The Nimerigar
Show Details47min 6s
Hatton Garden & The Diamond Geezers prt. 2
Show Details33min 12s
Hatton Garden and the Diamond Geezers prt. 1
Show Details41min 18s
The Baker Street Heist prt. 2
Show Details37min 57s
The Baker Street Heist Prt. 1
Show Details46min 52s
The Kinross Incident
Show Details53min 42s
The Man in the Green Pajamas
Show Details1hr 2min
Swift Runner and The Wendigo
Show Details51min 10s
The Drag Queen's Mummy
Show Details47min 30s
The Hunt for Nazi Gold
Show Details58min 49s
Alias "Robert Cooper" prt 2
Show Details31min 1s
Who was "Robert Cooper?" Prt. 1
Show Details43min 18s
The Vanishing of Keith Reinhard prt. 2
Show Details1hr 2min
The Vanishing of Keith Reinhard prt. 1
Show Details37min 46s
Death on Koh Tao
Show Details1hr 4min
Terror Aboard The Ivan Vassili
Show Details48min 53s
The Strange Life and Death of Jefferey Alan Lash Prt. 2
Show Details33min 42s
The Strange Life & Death of Jeffery Lash
Show Details47min 32s
Stealing Mona Lisa
Show Details44min 14s
The Asahi-dake SOS
Show Details1hr 3min
The Body in the Bog
Show Details36min 59s
Adam's Bridge
Show Details50min 15s
Bonus ep: Loose Talk
Show Details10min 24s
Eugene Izzi: The Mysterious Death of a Mystery Writer
Show Details45min 14s
End of Year Wrap-Up Prt. 3
Show Details20min 11s
End of Year Wrap-up Prt. 2
Show Details48min 54s
End Of Year Wrap-Up Prt 1
Show Details50min 44s
Show Details1min
Granger Taylor
Show Details39min 11s
The Watcher(s)
Show Details58min 8s
Mostly Harmless: The Unknown Hiker
Show Details51min 20s
The Executioner's Ghost
Show Details40min 28s
The Black Stain of Caracas
Show Details48min 52s
Is Pluto Even Real?
Show Details57min 10s
The Mystery of Flight 980
Show Details1hr 7min
Mama's in the Furnace
Show Details47min 34s
Halloween Special Episode: Beansoup
Show Details19min 47s
Halloween Special: The Khamar-Daban Incident
Show Details54min 19s
The Ice Box Murders
Show Details38min 10s
Introducing Unnatural feat. Steve from Thinking Sideways
Show Details17min 19s
Haunted Kempton Park Hospital
Show Details50min 27s
Therese Humbert: Con-woman.
Show Details39min 13s
Sofia McKenna Prt. 2
Show Details43min 51s
Sofia McKenna prt. 1
Show Details32min 2s
What did Sandy Berger Steal?
Show Details48min 37s
Hunting for The Crackmaster
Show Details47min 39s
The Hunt For "Dick"
Show Details50min 58s
Juana Maria: The Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island
Show Details43min 52s
The Infernal Machine: Georg Elser
Show Details58min 47s
#50 Berkeley Square: House of Nameless Horror
Show Details1hr 4min
Corona Chronicles: Last Call
Show Details2min 17s
Apollo One
Show Details45min 4s
What Was The Beast of Gevudan?
Show Details29min 9s
The Beast Of Gevaudan Part 2
Show Details48min 51s
The Beast Of Gevaudan
Show Details35min 50s
Heist-O-Palooza: The Results
Show Details23min 10s
Show Details1min 20s
Heist-O-Palooza: The Loomis Truck Job
Show Details38min 43s
Corona Chronicles 17: Lucky or Planned?
Show Details16min 10s
Heist-O-Palooza: The Burrowing Bandits
Show Details54min 43s
Corona Chronicles #16: Runners-up!
Show Details22min 26s
Heist-O-Palooza: The Perth Mint Heist
Show Details45min 36s
Corona Chronicles #15: Announcing "Heist-O-Palooza"
Show Details9min 1s
Jeanne Weber: The Ogress
Show Details43min 22s
Corona Chronicles Vol. 14: Breaking News from Stonehenge!
Show Details24min 6s
The Cadaver Synod
Show Details39min 30s
The Girl In The Cupboard: Natasha Ryan & Len Fraser
Show Details1hr 1min
Corona Chronicles Vol. 13: Tara Was On TV! (It was bad)
Show Details23min 19s
Kill The Witch!
Show Details1hr 2min
Corona Chronicles Vol. 12: The Boise City Bombing
Show Details18min 2s
Gerard Schaefer: An Awful Writer
Show Details57min 18s
Corona Chronicles Vol. 11: The Tess Files
Show Details30min 12s
Christiana Edmunds: The Poisoner Venus of Broadmoor
Show Details37min 27s
Corona Chronicles Vol. 10: Donnie Nash, Moron.
Show Details13min 48s
The CBS Murders
Show Details1hr 4min
Joe Was On TV
Show Details31min 43s
Corona Chronicles vol. 9: Lights In The Night
Show Details21min 20s
MS Estonia: The Curse of Viking Sally
Show Details1hr 2min
Corona Chronicles Vol. 8: Jimmy Stewart Bombed Vietnam
Show Details23min 18s
Ghost Bombers
Show Details59min 12s
Corona Chronicles #7: Floyd Was On TV
Show Details11min 20s
Poor Floyd: The Floyd Collins Story
Show Details1hr 8min
Corona Chronicles 6: Screams in the Night
Show Details13min 54s
Joao Filho: One Heckuva Sunburn
Show Details52min 12s
Corona Chronicles #5: Grave Crimes
Show Details19min 28s
MV Arctic Sea
Show Details57min 31s
Corona Chronicles: Bad Wiring
Show Details26min 45s
Murder at Meeting Street
Show Details34min 27s
Corona Chronicles vol. 3: DYN-0-MITE!
Show Details24min 58s
Michelle Von Emster: Oh sure! Blame the shark...
Show Details56min 3s
Murders Per Gallon
Show Details53min 31s
Corona Chronicles: Zoo Stories
Show Details24min 13s
The Body and The Boiler stack
Show Details54min 35s
Gerald Bull: Project Babylon
Show Details48min 34s
Baby Aleshenka
Show Details45min 23s
The Harpes: Serial Killers Who Invented America
Show Details41min 56s
The Arkansas Ghost Trial
Show Details43min 19s
The Loewenstein Vanishing
Show Details28min 32s
Show Details20s
introducing: "The Shocking Details"
Show Details20s