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The Shades of Entrepreneurship™

Interested in learning how to run a small business from the entrepreneurs that founded, operated, and in some cases sold them?

Join Mr. Gabriel Flores as he welcomes business owners from all facets of the economic spectrum.

From venture capital to grassroots funding, from nonprofit to c-corps; tune in every Wednesday for informative business insights as we discuss the ins-and-outs of running a business by interviewing entrepreneurs to inspire the future entrepreneur.


Freelance Graphic Designer & Collage Artist: Savina Monet
Show Details30min 13s
Mural Artist: Casillas Oliver
Show Details37min 11s
Founder of DTOCS®: Pallavi Pande
Show Details36min 45s
Founder and CEO of Kura Home: Daniel Felt
Show Details35min 52s
Co-Owner of A & J Books
Show Details36min 25s
Founder and Creative Director of Juntos PDX: Cristian Vargas
Show Details36min 51s
Founder of Scalto: Gabriela Pulido
Show Details35min 6s
Co-Founder of Pilot: Waseem Daher
Show Details32min 36s
Founder of Charcuterie Me: Nai Zhao
Show Details39min 33s
Co-Founder of Portland Salt Co: Becca Christiansen
Show Details36min 4s
Founder of Getzels Group: Nathaniel Pitchon-Getzels
Show Details59min 16s
CEO and Founder of HearMe: Adam Lippin
Show Details52min 11s
Owner of Merci Milo: Caroline Rodrigues
Show Details43min 46s
Owners of Comida Kin: Mary Hatz and Rodrigo Huerta
Show Details57min 46s
Owner of Phanta Media: Mark Drager
Show Details1hr 7min
CEO of Soluna Computing: John Belizaire
Show Details1hr 1min
Author, Speaker, Advisor: Fred Joyal
Show Details1hr 2min
Chosen Family Wines Owner: Jacob Gray
Show Details1hr 3min
Founder and Creative Director of Help Humans: Lu-el Fantroy
Show Details38min 7s
Owner of Bunnymilkshake Concoctions: Vanessa Gillis
Show Details38min 25s
Owner of Classic Men Barbershop: Frank "Paco" Whatley
Show Details45min 31s
Writer/Contributor to Forbes: Melissa Houston, CPA
Show Details30min 53s
Founder of R&ARIE: Reeba Daniel
Show Details35min 12s
Owner of NEWKS Hot Sauce: Jake Newcomb
Show Details41min 38s
Owner of Classy Sassy Digital Marketing: Shannon Nelson
Show Details24min 51s
Creator of Twerk N Fab: Nisi Harrel
Show Details36min 11s
Cafe Girl Thriving Artists LLC
Show Details36min 50s
Owner of Gallery Go Go: Azure Attoe
Show Details38min 43s
CEO & Founder of PodInbox: Pat Cheung
Show Details31min 26s
Owner of Creatively Insane: Gabriel Flores
Show Details24min 28s
Owner of Against The Grain Media: Russ Bowen
Show Details30min 20s
Founder of Mimi's Fresh Tees: Kamelah Adams
Show Details27min 46s
Creator of @HotEatsCoolFeets: Jordan Curtis
Show Details37min 25s
Owner of Tiller: Jess Columbo
Show Details34min 17s
Creator of Fox Boxes: Kat Miller
Show Details31min 27s
The Owner of M. Martinez Photo's: M Martinez
Show Details28min 17s
The Owner of Brow Betty: Jackie Mans
Show Details32min 48s
Co-Founder and Chief Investment Office of Peak Asset Management: Bob Thomas
Show Details32min 13s
Owner of The Barreled Bee: Lee Hedgmon
Show Details35min 55s
Serial Entrepreneur and Chief Technology Officer of Unrivaled: Colin Landforce
Show Details36min 22s
Founder of 7 Stage Advisors: Carl Gould
Show Details28min 31s
Owners of Black Seed Burger Cult: Donovyn Collins and Mikey Williams
Show Details31min 35s
Founder of 4Sight Model: David Straub
Show Details28min 7s
Founder of Agate Communications and PDX Forum: Dan Bruton
Show Details23min 48s
Co-owner of Wallflower Coffee Co: Joël Flores
Show Details33min 44s
Chief Executive Officer of Sock-it-to-Me and The Founder of Fighting Pretty: Iwa Hooe and Kara Frazier
Show Details29min 30s
Creator of Burnside Knives: Rick Maderis
Show Details40min 52s
Co-Creators of Speedland: Kevin Fallon & David Dombrow
Show Details32min 27s
General Manager and Co-Founder of PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment): Rick Turoczy
Show Details43min 29s
Co-Founders of Modern Ally: Ryan Negrini and Cassidy Campbell
Show Details32min 10s
Owner of Beaverton & Lake Oswego Stretch Lab Studio: Adam Havens
Show Details32min 5s
Owner of The Pharmacy: Brian Grades
Show Details38min 53s
Founder & Chief-Operating-Officer of murph media llc., and Award-winning creator & Host of The Fab Lab With Crazy Aunt Lindsey: Lindsey Murphy
Show Details40min 23s
Creator & Founder of Iltopia Studios: Steven Christian
Show Details50min 14s
Owner of Luxe Massage and Spa: Chelsea Power
Show Details24min 3s
Chief Operating Officer of Founder Gym: Paige Hendrix Buckner
Show Details38min 56s
Founders of Pink Cloud: Ariana Tobe & Morgan Wissel
Show Details31min 39s
Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of The Bitter Housewife: Genevieve Brazelton
Show Details29min
Angel Investor and Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Brave Care: Darius "Bubs" Monsef
Show Details31min 35s
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Kalvera Skin Therapy: Slade Sundar
Show Details34min 2s
Founder of @xkawaiiwestx: Xtonyx Steven Wallace
Show Details21min 6s
Director, Student Innovation at PSU Center of Entrepreneurship: Juan Barraza
Show Details24min 34s
Co-Founder of Payntr Golf: Mike Forsey
Show Details28min 56s
Founder of Eliminate Girl Hate: Dawne Hanks
Show Details27min
Owner of Twist Yoga: Jennifer Pahl
Show Details20min 41s
Founder and Owner of Outlaw Auto Detail: Desmond Boots
Show Details24min 18s
Co-Founder & Co-Owner of WheelHouse 20/20: Scott Ericson
Show Details29min 42s
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Handful: Jennifer Ferguson
Show Details29min 11s
Chief Operating Officer of Burgerville and co-Founder of The Nightwood Society: Kati Reardon
Show Details38min 40s
Product Owner, Author and Horace Consulting Founder: Devon Horace
Show Details26min 48s
Creator of Coffee Feed: Giovanni Fillari
Show Details30min 59s
Salem City Councilor and Owner of Tu Casa: Jose Gonzalez
Show Details30min 59s
Certified Pedorthist and Vice President of Crary Shoes: Meredith Crary-Johanson
Show Details35min 7s
Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer of Baseballism: Jonathan Loomis
Show Details44min 38s
Barber and Co-Owner of The Influential Grooming Lounge: Art Williams
Show Details43min 33s
Owner of BOX Real Estate: Bob Bochsler
Show Details46min 17s
Comedian, Actor, Writer: Shain Brenden
Show Details57min 33s
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fighting Pretty: Kara Skaflestad
Show Details29min 6s
Owner and Chief Executive Officer of American Sanican: Jeremy Inman
Show Details41min 31s