The SeunTyb Podcast

You are Welcome to ‘THE SEUN TYB PODCAST”

My name is Seun Toyobo but I go by Seun Tyb.

Now in my early 30’s I’m an oil and gas expert. Spending over 8 years with multi-national companies like Baker Hughes and GE (General Electric). In those years he served a few different roles in drilling services, geosciences, sales, and operations.

Being born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria I was never far from the action be it music, fashion, or just the general Lagos banter so I meet a lot of people with funny and inspiring stories. With the pandemic and general state of affairs in 2020, I feel there is no better time to inspire and motivate young Africa. We should look to ourselves more and not rely on billionaires’ politicians who’s come up stories are quite tinted.

On that note as a man with a voice, engineering experience, and cool friends, I decided to start this podcast. On this podcast, I will be having very interesting conversations with young entrepreneurs in various disciples across Africa and the diaspora.