Changing Attitudes

Episode 78
43m | Apr 26, 2024

Hey soul Patch listeners, Jack here. We have an interesting episode for you today. We were kind of all over the place. We were talking about, well, first, we had to issue a retraction. We gave you some wrong information regarding elections. And then we talked about a little bit about doughnuts, which is always a good topic. I enjoy that. And uh, you know, the main topic we we discussed today had to do with kind of students' attitudes and how they've they've kind of changed the over the last 20 years and how you know things that used to be kind of taboo or, you know, inappropriate or whatever. It's not even a big deal, and it's just interesting how things have changed. I've I've been teaching it almost 20 years at the same university, so I've really noticed it, you know, and I've probably changed too. I mean, it's not just the students that are changing, it's also, you know, I'm getting older as well, so, yeah, we just talked about that, that kind of stuff and we hope that you find it interesting and uh, yeah, we had just a good a good old chat with the the three of us together back together again. So we hope you enjoy the show.

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