Justified Neglect

Episode 75
47m | Mar 15, 2024

Hey everybody, this is Jack from the Soul Patch podcast and. We are back. We are planning to release episodes twice a month, and today's episode started as a a kind of free form conversation, but it led into talking about connections that we try to hold on to. When we move to Korea and. And whether it's healthy to, try to hold on to those connections through online platforms like Zoom or Skype or other messenger sites and whether that hinders our ability to really. Invest in life in our new country, or whether it can be a hindrance. There's no right or wrong way to to to live an expat lifestyle. It's just the conversation just led into two areas where we kind of speculated on whether sometimes disconnecting from our friend groups uh even just temporarily while we're over here is not, does not push us into a kind of discomfort zone that actually is useful for for growth, or whether we, whenever we are met with some sort of discomfort, homesickness and whatnot, whether running back to our online lives to maintain those those connections back home is healthy. Whether that is helping us or or creating a hindrance and you know there there's no right or wrong way to to live this expat lifestyle but it was just an interesting, interesting conversation to just kind of speculate and wonder whether we're actually helping ourselves by trying to hold on to those those connections back home, or whether letting go a little bit might push us into what we could call discomfort zones that actually create you know growth and push us into areas of of of learning and and growing. And so I don't think we were able to ultimately answer the question. That's up to every, every individual, but it was, it was a really interesting conversation and we hope that you you guys enjoyed this. So without further ado, let's start the show.

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