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The Second Chance Podcast - Baruch Menache

The directional, unidirectional navigation towards an unknown destination of further pondering. The highs and the lows, the valleys and the hills, step in or step out, we will approach the light of goodness. With energy and fire, we can get for our being all we want to be. The Second Chance at a life of infinite potential, let us start that conversation together so sit back and relax, open your mind and the strings of your soft heart as we unravel the bundle of the society looming above us. So what are you waiting for!

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Don't Trust your Intuition | Baruch Menache | Episode #43
Show Details45min 3s
God and our Obvious Bias | Baruch Menache | Episode #42
Show Details36min 7s
Modernity and the hatred with the Past | Baruch Menache | Episode #41
Show Details44min 7s
Conception and Form | Intimacy and Childrearing } Baruch Menache | Episode #40
Show Details31min 53s
Dealing with Abundance of Information | Learning, Introspection and Implementation | Episode #39
Show Details36min 41s
Don't Hate the Story | Narratives and Cycles | Episode #38
Show Details30min 6s
Masters and Servants | Slavery in the Modern Era | Baruch Menache | Episode #37
Show Details33min 37s
Protecting your Kingdom | Recognizing those who allow it to be | Episode #36
Show Details30min 3s
Courage and Power | Baruch Menache | Episode #35
Show Details32min 50s
The Notion of Sin | Good and Evil | Baruch Menache | Episode #34
Show Details54min 1s
Finding Common Ground | Review of this Yale Lecture | Baruch Menache | Episode #33
Show Details37min 28s
Keeping the Future Sacred | Baruch Menache | Episode #32
Show Details30min 14s
Understanding Suffering | Value Structures | Baruch Menache | Episode #31
Show Details23min 17s
A Society of compassion or a society of obedience | Baruch Menache | Episode #30
Show Details33min 50s
Framing the Russian-Ukrainian War | Other Perspectives | Baruch Menache | Episode #29
Show Details44min 38s
Can Romance teach us Ethics and Proper Living? | Baruch Menache | Episode #28
Show Details33min 32s
To be Mindful or to be Committed | Baruch Menache - Episode #27
Show Details32min 50s
Unity and Separation | The oneness and the Individual | Baruch Menache - Episode #26
Show Details38min 31s
Holocaust - The Remembrance of our Foundations - Episode #23
Show Details36min 35s
Summer of Love or Mindful Development - Episode #25
Show Details20min 10s
Redeeming Oppression | Confronting the Desert | Promised Land - Episode #22
Show Details34min 43s
The Reel Generation (Instagram, TickTok) - Virtues and Faults - Episode #24
Show Details38min 46s
Idol Worship and its Continuation in Modern Society - Episode #21
Show Details35min 47s
Righteous Giving vs less Profound Motives - Episode #20
Show Details36min 6s
Dealing with the Crisis of Being and the Balance of Normality - Episode #19
Show Details31min 58s
Truth - Our Modern translation and its Truer forms - Episode #18
Show Details35min 41s
Servants of Culture or Masters of Influence - Episode #17
Show Details25min 5s
Prayer forms and levels | The finest form to the most superficial - Episode #16
Show Details25min 45s
Learning from Trauma || The Trueness and Realness of life
Show Details30min 25s
The mouth and speech || Gateway to society or to relationships
Show Details26min 13s
The Four Elements || General and Specific
Show Details30min 6s
The Truth on Both Sides || The Left and the Right have something to learn
Show Details35min 11s
My Critique of Christianity || Small God or Small Humans
Show Details38min 44s
Education and our Society | Is there another Way?
Show Details34min 56s
Media and the Relationship to Us | Who is really corrupt?
Show Details7min 37s
Self control verses Expression || Avoiding Self Betrayal
Show Details15min 44s
Anger, Anxiety and Depression | The Big Narrative
Show Details29min 24s
Blindfaith to keep our Sanity | Is Faith a necessity?
Show Details24min 2s
The Structure of Life | Acceptance and Denial
Show Details29min 36s
Behavior of Addiction | What that says about us
Show Details7min 22s
Program of Thought | What constitutes Human Nature (Episode #1)
Show Details41min 45s