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The Second Chance

The world of chaos, the pain and confusion. The directional, unidirectional navigation towards an unknown destination of further pondering. The highs and the lows, the valleys and the hills. Step in or step out, we will approach the light of goodness. With energy and fire, we can get to the “being”, we all want to be. The Second Chance at a life of infinite potential, let us start that conversation together. Sit back and relax, open your mind and the strings in your soft heart, as we unravel the bundle of the society proceeding us. Smile at the new YOU. Let us smile together then. So what are you waiting for!


Education and our Society | Is there another Way?
Show Details34min 56s
Media and the Relationship to Us | Who is really corrupt?
Show Details7min 37s
Self control verses Expression || Avoiding Self Betrayal
Show Details15min 44s
Anger, Anxiety and Depression | The Big Narrative
Show Details29min 24s
Blindfaith to keep our Sanity | Is Faith a necessity?
Show Details24min 2s
The Structure of Life | Acceptance and Denial
Show Details29min 36s
Behavior of Addiction | What that says about us
Show Details7min 22s
Program of Thought | What constitutes Human Nature
Show Details41min 45s