The Scramble Life Podcast

G & Al Skratch chop it up about the everyday scramble we all face in life. The Scramble Life Podcast delves in our favorite news bits, teachers having sex with students, nightclub violence, trends that might change the world, work life stories and a bit of our stories...


EP 30: The News Heavy Episode
Show Details38min 12s
EP 29: Watching Porn Thru The Lines
Show Details54min 7s
EP 28: Sex With High School Students Is Legal Where?
Show Details43min 46s
EP 27: Get You A Metal Detector & Taser
Show Details29min 29s
EP 26: The Worst Episode Ever
Show Details39min 9s
EP 25: Can Music Change Your Life?
Show Details1hr 17min
EP 24: The On My Own Episode
Show Details52min 35s
EP 23: 1991 Hip Hop Album Releases
Show Details1hr 47min
EP 22: DMX Motivation
Show Details1hr 18min
EP 21: NY Weed Legalized & The AI Rapper
Show Details51min 13s
EP 20 : We Hit Episode 20 Ya
Show Details1hr 29min
EP 19: The Sean Puffy Combs Interview
Show Details56min 42s
EP 18: Atlanta Is Wild
Show Details1hr 15min
EP 17: Be Less White
Show Details1hr 25min
EP: 16 The Fat Boys Episode
Show Details55min 25s
EP 15: Shoveling & Shooting
Show Details53min 7s
EP 14: Freaks Wear Animal Print
Show Details58min 50s
EP 13 : Ghetto to Classy Beer Culture... AKA We Drunk Ya
Show Details1hr 23min
EP 12: A New Beginning
Show Details1hr 20min
EP 11: Sex & Violence
Show Details41min 42s
EP 10 : The Covidrrhoea Episode
Show Details36min 13s
EP 9 : White People Love Strings Niggas Love Drums
Show Details47min 17s
EP 8: The Nothingness Episode
Show Details39min 4s
EP 7: To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required
Show Details55min 54s
EP 6: Rappers Dying & Covid Test Results For Sale
Show Details33min 16s
EP 5 : Kamala or Kamala?
Show Details46min 9s
EP 4 : The Chuck E. Cheese Episode
Show Details34min
EP 3: Why Your Face Smell Like Ass
Show Details39min 52s
EP 2: W.A.P. vs Pop That P
Show Details34min 37s
EP1: A Lil Bit Of Everything
Show Details57min 2s