Produnomics is a fusion of two words: Productivity and Economics, of which we can define as thus; PRODUCTIVITY: is simply the creation of Worth or the generation of Value, which is the ability to ingeniously substantiate the inherent value contained within; and ECONOMICS: in this context is the distinctive relations of exchanging this created Worth for Wealth, of which the incrementally generated wealth must be reflective in the value of the producer and satisfactory to the consumer.

Productivity births ingenuity that translates into Economic-Relevance for the productive. An idea distinctively conceived and made manifest becomes an invention and successfully applied, attracts a reward mechanism that is economically viable in scope.

For productive economics (PRODUNOMICS) to occur, something more than the generation of a creative idea or insight is required; the idea must be put into a productive activity that makes a genuine difference in the quality of life, thereby rewarding the producer and benefiting the consumer in qualitative goods and services.

The Economics of Produnomics is understanding the reward mechanisms of value generation that in practically identifiable in a monetary system. Money is simply the documentation of encapsulated and quantifiable value and wealth is the quantitative accumulation of realized or exchanged worth. The basic introductory summation of produnomics states that productive incentive generated in the liberty of work deemed as a worthy ideal is the undergirding driver for productive excellence.

PRODUNOMICS as a podcast focuses primarily on the science of resourcefulness, which drills into the how's of using more out of what you already have in order to generate what you need to get ahead in life and business. This podcast traffics in the informational commodity of resourceful intelligence, which is the baseline for productive economic power, cutting across all dispositional discipline into the redefinition of productive destinies, ultimately Generating Worth for Generational Wealth.