The Art of Nothingness

People say "talking about nothing cant possibly be hard right?". As the editor and one of the 2 hosts of the show; trust me, it is. This podcast has no specific upload schedule and won't be frequent because of other things in life, but we are here to make talking about nothing look easy. Enjoy!


episode 8| The season one finale??
Show Details44min 57s
episode 7 w/ keya Revalkar
Show Details31min 27s
episode 6 w/ Ananya Sharma
Show Details33min 30s
episode 5 w/ Ria Oberoi
Show Details14min 30s
episode 4 w/ Apaar Gupta
Show Details11min 13s
episode 3 w/ Rushil Mathur
Show Details17min 49s
episode 2 w/Abhisaar Gupta
Show Details12min 30s
episode 1 w/ Riya mehrothra
Show Details14min 45s