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The Scarecast

A nighttime story with a happy ending is what we were used to as kids, but as we grow older, we realize the world is not such a happy place after all. MaddMike, a popular horror story narrator that originated on YouTube, started a podcast, The Scarecast, to tackle the real horrific experiences of people all across the world. From crazy encounters meeting people on Craigslist, creepy pizza deliveries in the middle of nowhere, to individuals encountering evil spirits that follow them wherever they go, this podcast doesn’t have many happy endings, but rather, tales that will terrify you and keep you on the edge of your seat. With over a hundred episodes, this podcast will surely take you for a ride.


S7E2 - "I Don't Want To Go!"
Show Details27min 45s
S7E1 - The New Target in Owingsville
Show Details35min 23s
S6E30 - The In Crowd (Scarecast Originals)
Show Details24min 45s
S6E29 - 2 Scary Stories: A Helicopter Circles My House Every Night
Show Details32min 27s
S6E28 - 2 Scary Stories: Haunting Face Reveal / OnlyFans Gone Wrong
Show Details30min 12s
S6E27 - 2 Scary Stories: I Wish I Didn't Hit Play
Show Details25min 41s
S6E26 - 2 Scary Stories: One Call I Will Never Forget (Scarecast Originals)
Show Details31min 37s
S6E25 - The Laptop (Scarecast Originals)
Show Details22min 12s
S6E24 - 2 Scary Stories: Don't Buy Love Potions From The Deep Web (Scarecast Originals)
Show Details29min 23s
S6E23 - 2 Scary Stories: My Brother Collects Weird Dolls
Show Details38min 11s
S6E22 - I Physically, Literally, Cannot Break Up With My Boyfriend
Show Details36min 25s
S6E21 - 3 Scary Stories: Daddy's Never Gonna Hurt You Again
Show Details38min 30s
Bedtime Story #9: "My Reflection"
Show Details8min 20s
S6E20 - I Received A Text From My Wife... While Sat Next To Her
Show Details41min 30s
Bedtime Story #8: "Intruder"
Show Details11min 19s
S6E19 - Human Chess Is More Terrifying Than You Think (Scarecast Originals)
Show Details19min 22s
S6E18 - The Lost Boy In Gigantus (Scarecast Originals)
Show Details33min 36s
S6E17 - 2 Scary Stories: At 5 Years Old... I Got Lost In The Woods
Show Details26min 28s
S6E16 - 3 Scary Stories: My Terminally Ill Grandmother Broke Character
Show Details36min 34s
S6E15 - 4 Scary Stories: The Abandoned House Down The Road
Show Details37min 32s
S6E14 - 2 Scary Stories: "Is This Your House?"
Show Details28min 52s
S6E13 - 2 Scary Stories: The Monsters In My Town Do Not Flay or Maim
Show Details27min 36s
S6E12 - 2 Scary Stories: Look Behind You!
Show Details30min 14s
S6E11 - 3 Scary Stories: Don't Go Through This Drive Thru
Show Details31min 42s
S6E10 - Why I Can't Go To Disneyland Anymore (Scarecast Originals)
Show Details27min 43s
S6E9 - 3 Scary Stories: Do Not Buy The Lost Disney Movie Off The Dark Web
Show Details33min 30s
S6E8 - 2 Scary Stories: My Husband's New Wife Is... A Little Strange
Show Details41min 30s
S6E7 - I Think I'm Dating A Goose
Show Details26min 50s
S6E6 - A Blind Date With A Monster
Show Details26min 49s
S6E5 - 2 Scary Stories: Where's That Noise Coming From?
Show Details37min 14s
S6E4 - A Dead Woman Sleeps In The Well Near My Hometown. We Woke Her Up...
Show Details27min 31s
S6E3 - 2 Scary Stories: Sleepwalkers and Fatal Premonitions
Show Details25min 54s
S6E2 - If You Sign Up For The "Lights Out Dining Experience," You'd Better Know What You're Getting Into...
Show Details27min 48s
S6E1 - I Uncovered Something Serious On Hart Island
Show Details25min 18s
S5E13 - Every Three Weeks, Our Family's Teddy Bear Tried To Kill Us
Show Details39min 12s
S5E12 - Don't Go Near The Ice Cream Truck
Show Details27min 3s
S5E11 - 3 Scary Stories: We Should Have Never Messed With That Ouija Board
Show Details30min
S5E10 - Pizza Mikes (Scarecast Originals)
Show Details29min 19s
Bedtime Story #7: "Bloodier Mary" Written by PoloniumPoisoning
Show Details9min 32s
S5E9 - 5 Scary Stories: Happy Halloween
Show Details42min 27s
Bedtime Story #6: "The Man I Saw Through My Night Vision Scope"
Show Details11min 29s
Bedtime Story #5: "Strange Encounter While Hunting In Rural Texas"
Show Details10min 9s
Bedtime Story #4: "Abused Girl Who Knocked On Our Door Late At Night"
Show Details9min 19s
Bedtime Story #3: "Narrowly Escaping An Unhinged Woman From Wal-Mart"
Show Details5min 22s
Bedtime Story #2: "I Didn't Know Hat Man Was A Thing Until Last Month"
Show Details3min 22s
S5E8 - 5 Scary Stories: Do You Believe in Ghosts?
Show Details30min 57s
S5E7 - 6 Scary Stories: I Am No Longer A Skeptic
Show Details32min 35s
Bedtime Story #1: "Windows Update" by Blair Daniels
Show Details9min 25s
S5E6 - 7 Scary Stories: I Hung Out With A Murderer
Show Details35min 7s
S5E5 - The Ghosts of Old Town Road (Scarecast Original)
Show Details37min 38s
S5E4 - 5 Scary Stories: Lock Your Doors
Show Details46min 11s
TSR E2 - 6 Scary Stories from Callers: Go To Sleep
Show Details52min 55s
S5E3 - 5 Scary Stories: Please Do Not Follow Me
Show Details35min 28s
S5E2 - 4 Scary Stories: Beware of Spike's Hut
Show Details37min 13s
S5E1: The Wonkleberries (Scarecast Originals)
Show Details1hr 2min
S4E15: 6 Scary Stories - Fake Uber Driver, Shapeshifters, Hidden Hotel Cameras, and Creepy Storage Units
Show Details48min 46s
S4E14: 5 Scary Stories - Mr. Jim, Is That You?
Show Details41min 19s
TSR E1: Spooky Tales with Julio Garibay (Ghost Tour In New Orleans & Strange Calls)
Show Details48min 12s
S4E13: 3 Scary Stories - What Was In The Pie?
Show Details28min 10s
S4E12: 5 Scary Stories - Did You Order Pizza?
Show Details52min 35s
S4E11: 5 Scary Stories - Strange 911 Calls, Ouija Boards, Cult in the Woods, Skinwalkers, and Serial Killers
Show Details40min 54s
S4E10: 3 Scary Stories - Dogs See Ghosts, Haunted By Three Ghosts, And The Strange Boy In The Woods
Show Details23min 40s
S4E9: 5 Scary Stories - Creepy Co-Workers, Stranger Danger, Hauntings, And Unexplained Sightings
Show Details32min 33s
S4E8: 6 Scary Stories - Creepy Pizza Guy, Room For Rent, Stalkers, and The Man in Stripes (Feat. Lets Read!)
Show Details35min 9s
S4E7: The Girl From Prom (Scarecast Originals)
Show Details34min 17s
S4E6: 4 Scary Stories - Strange Nevada Town, Online Perverts, The Stickman in the Woods, and A Caller's Spiritual Experience
Show Details56min 44s
S4E5: 4 Scary Stories - Church in the Woods, Strange Person on the Oregon Coast, Uber Ghost Sighting, and Creep Turned Friend
Show Details32min 40s
S4E4: 6 Scary Stories - Home Intruders, Haunted Military Bases & Disney Dolls, Online Video Game Predators, Creature in the Woods, and Doppelgängers
Show Details1hr 1min
S4E3: 6 Horror Stories - Ghost Cars, Sleepwalkers, Haunted Antiques, and Entities
Show Details53min 45s
S4E2: 7 TRUE Horror Stories (Truck Driver, Hauntings, Unexplained Sightings, Glitches in the Matrix, and Almost Kidnapped)
Show Details43min 19s
S4E1: 3 Horror Stories from Callers (Haunted Houses - Cyberstalkers - Lingering Spirits)
Show Details35min 11s
S3E8: 4 TRUE Scary Stories - Unexplained Surveillance Tape / Three Bald Kids / Potential Instagram Kidnappers / Cemetery Attack
Show Details29min 9s
S3E7 - 6 TRUE Scary Stories (Happy Halloween!)
Show Details35min 55s
S3E6 - 5 Horror Stories: The Ghost of La Llorona / Skinwalkers / Imaginary Friends / Weird Phone Call / Creepy Visitor
Show Details23min 14s
S3E5 - 4 Horror Stories: Doppelganger / Recurring Ghost Woman Dream / Imaginary Friend / Demon Boy
Show Details23min
S3E4 - 4 TRUE Horror Stories: Deranged Ex-Employee / Perverted Doctor / Women Are Dangerous Too / Who's Been In Our House?
Show Details30min 9s
S3E3 - Dr. Herbert Hopkin's Men In Black Encounter / The Man From Taured / The Haunting of Bristol Tennessee High School
Show Details18min 31s
S3E2 - Dolly's Dip & The Death of Regena Dolly Young / Harold The Doll / The Ilkley Moor Alien
Show Details29min 21s
S3E1 - The Haunting of Sand Canyon Road / The Vanishing Hotel / Walt Disney's Ghost / Dan Aykroyd's Men In Black Encounter
Show Details21min 34s
S2E11 - 3 Horror Stories: Possible Serial Killer Encounter / Almost Drugged at McDonalds / The Goat Man
Show Details32min 47s
S2E10 - 4 Horror Stories: Gas Station / I Was Someone's LNM / Bus Stop Kidnapper / The Whistle
Show Details24min 10s
S2E9 - 3 Scary Stories: Creepy Old Parking Lot Guy / The Girl On The Side of the Road / I Bought a Build-A-Bear on eBay
Show Details28min 34s
S2E7 - 6 TRUE Scary Stories | Creepy Employee / Club Penguin Predator / Strange Club Encounter
Show Details29min 33s
S2E6 - 3 Scary Stories | Creepy Niece / Frightening Experience Last Night / My Friend Went Crazy
Show Details23min 47s
S2E5 - 6 TRUE Scary Stories | Stalker / Babysitting / Almost Kidnapped / Home Intruders
Show Details28min 5s
S2E3 - 3 CREEPY Scary Stories | Creepy Perverted Customer / Haunted Objects / Strange Drive-In Movie Encounter
Show Details33min 12s
S2E2 - 4 Scary Stories | Ice Cream Man / Airbnb Creep / McDonald's Creepypasta / Tinder Date
Show Details41min 58s
S2E1 - 3 TRUE Scary Stories | Tinder Date / Subway Encounter / McDonalds Drive-Thru
Show Details20min 8s
Episode 100 - 4 Scary Stories: Home Intruder (Dog Hero) / Bus Encounter / Crazy Online Friend / Deep Web Mystery Box
Show Details25min 58s
Episode 99 - 4 Scary Stories: Almost Kidnapped / Haunted Roads / Craigslist Close Call / Delivery Driver
Show Details31min 3s
Episode 98 - 3 Scary Stories: Haunted Pizza Shop / Strange Hitchhiker / False Accusation
Show Details20min 13s
Episode 97 - 5 Scary Stories: Almost Kidnapped / Pedophile / Strange Phone Calls / Creepy Urban Legends / Disneyland
Show Details33min 34s
Episode 96 - 2 Craigslist Horror Stories
Show Details24min 8s
Episode 95 - 4 Scary Stories: McDonald's / Serial Killer / Cartel / Craigslist
Show Details25min 45s
Episode 94 - 3 Prom Night Horror Stories
Show Details51min 53s
Episode 93 - 4 TRUE Home Alone / Intruder Horror Stories
Show Details21min 28s
Episode 92 - 3 Uber / Taxi Ride Horror Stories
Show Details28min 45s
Episode 91 - 3 Airport Horror Stories
Show Details46min 50s
Episode 90 - 3 TRUE Creepy Online Dating Horror Stories
Show Details32min 32s
Episode 89 - "I went hiking with my class. It didn't end well."
Show Details25min 54s
Episode 88 - "My Co-Worker May Soon Be A Victim Of Human Trafficking"
Show Details30min 1s
Episode 87 - "Woman Trespasses and Accuses Me Of Prostitution / Pedophilia"
Show Details13min 19s
Episode 86 - "Disney's Catacombs"
Show Details18min 43s
Episode 85 - 2 Scary Christmas Stories
Show Details26min 25s
Episode 84 - Thanksgiving Horror Story "We Don't Do Anything Special For Thanksgiving Anymore. Not After Last Year."
Show Details21min 27s
Episode 83 - 2 Trick-Or-Treating Horror Stories (Volume 2)
Show Details33min 15s
Episode 82 - 2 Trick-Or-Treating Horror Stories
Show Details30min 27s
Episode 81 - 5 Scary Stories From The Horror Amino App
Show Details26min 3s
Episode 80 - 3 Pizza Delivery Horror Stories (Volume 3)
Show Details15min 12s
Episode 79 - 5 Scary Stories That Will Creep You Out (Feat. Insomniak)
Show Details27min 55s
Episode 78 - Cam Girl Horror Story - "I was a hot single near your area"
Show Details16min 33s
Episode 77 - The Russian Sleep Experiment
Show Details16min 27s
Episode 76 - 2 TRUE Night Shift Horror Stories (Volume 3)
Show Details33min 34s
Episode 75 - 2 Stalker / Pedophile Horror Stories That Are True!
Show Details26min 56s
Episode 74 - 3 TRUE Paranormal Horror Stories
Show Details26min 17s
Episode 73 - The Lost Episode of King Of The Hill
Show Details11min 20s
Episode 72 - Scary Stories That Will Creep You Out (Volume 9) (Feat. GirlDoesRant)
Show Details37min 42s
Episode 71 - Why I Left The Deep Web
Show Details24min 58s
Episode 70 - Date Night At Jim's Burgers (Scarecast Original's)
Show Details29min 20s
Episode 69 - 4 McDonald's Horror Stories
Show Details29min 8s
Episode 68 - 2 Scary Stalker Stories That Are True!
Show Details32min 52s
Episode 67 - 6 Almost Kidnapped Horror Stories That Are True!
Show Details23min 1s
Episode 66 - 3 Home Alone Horror Stories That Are True!
Show Details34min
Episode 65 - 3 College Horror Stories That Are True!
Show Details18min 19s
Episode 64 - 3 Pizza Delivery Horror Stories That Are True!
Show Details23min 36s
Episode 63 - 3 Roommate Horror Stories
Show Details31min 9s
Episode 62 - 3 Tinder Horror Stories
Show Details18min 5s
Episode 61 - 3 SCARY Train - Subway Horror Stories
Show Details22min 13s
Episode 60 - Teletubbies: Lost Episode "The Playground"
Show Details5min
Episode 59 - 4 TRUE High School Horror Stories #2 (Feat. Darkness Prevails)
Show Details31min 32s
Episode 58 - 4 Home Intruder Horror Stories (Feat. Mr. X Dreams) #2
Show Details34min 22s
Episode 57 - 3 TRUE Gas Station Horror Stories (Feat. Unit #522)
Show Details26min 18s
Episode 56 - 3 TRUE Scary Stories #2 (feat. Hellfreezer)
Show Details26min 37s
Episode 55 - 3 TRUE Scary Stories (Feat. Goodnite Goosebumps)
Show Details15min 12s
Episode 54 - 2 SCARY Stories Involving Creepy Clowns #2
Show Details29min 39s
Episode 53 - 2 TRUE Craigslist Horror Stories #5
Show Details21min 31s
Episode 52 - 2 SCARY Snapchat Horror Stories
Show Details17min
Episode 51 - Pokemon GO Abduction (Part 2) (Scarecast Originals)
Show Details24min 54s
Episode 50 - Pokemon GO Abduction (Scarecast Originals)
Show Details17min 14s
Episode 49 - 2 Ouija Board Horror Stories (Volume 3)
Show Details17min 54s
Episode 46 - 3 TRUE Scary Stories That Involve Creepy Neighbors
Show Details22min 10s
Episode 48 - 2 Craigslist Horror Stories (Volume 4)
Show Details29min
Episode 45 - 2 Disturbing 911 Operator Horror Stories
Show Details16min 56s
Episode 44 - 3 Home Invasion / Intruder Horror Stories
Show Details24min 25s
Episode 43 - 4 Night Shift Horror Stories (Volume 2)
Show Details18min 21s
Episode 42 - 3 Myspace Horror Stories
Show Details16min 23s
Episode 41 - 3 TRUE Scary Stories From Mexico
Show Details10min 48s
Episode 40 - 3 TRUE Scary Almost Kidnapped Horror Stories
Show Details13min 57s
Episode 39 - 3 SCARY Clown Horror Stories That Will Give You Nightmares!
Show Details16min 3s
Episode 38 - 2 TRUE Scary Facebook Horror Stories
Show Details22min 20s
Episode 37 - 3 TRUE Scary Stalker Stories (Volume 2)
Show Details18min 44s
Episode 36 - 3 Craigslist Horror Stories (Volume 3)
Show Details20min 42s
Episode 35 - Taxi Ride / Lyft Horror Stories
Show Details20min 21s
Episode 34 - 3 McDonald's Horror Stories
Show Details14min 45s
Episode 33 - 3 Online Dating Horror Stories
Show Details19min 4s
Episode 32 - 2 Disney Horror Stories (Volume 2)
Show Details35min 55s
Episode 31 - 3 Scary Stories That Will Creep You Out (Volume 8)
Show Details20min 53s
Episode 30 - 3 Deep Web Horror Stories Volume 5
Show Details26min 53s
Episode 29 - 4 Scary Stories That Will Creep You Out Volume 7 Feat. Blue Spooky
Show Details33min 30s
Episode 28 - 4 TRUE Scary HORROR Stories (Vol. 13) Ft. MaddMike
Show Details17min 14s
Episode 27 - After Valentines Day Horror Special (Part 2)
Show Details36min 53s
Episode 26 - After Valentines Day Horror Special (Part 1)
Show Details52min 35s
Episode 25 - 3 Disney Horror Stories (Feat. Mr X Dreams)
Show Details38min 34s
Episode 23 - I Was The Defense Attorney For An Alleged Serial Killer
Show Details15min 25s
Episode 22 - Working At The Morgue Was The Worst Job I Ever Had
Show Details9min 5s
Episode 21 - Don't Answer Craigslist Ads Posted At 2 AM - Scary Craigslist Horror Story (Old Upload)
Show Details8min 47s
Episode 20 - Do Not Buy Cars From Craigslist - Scary Ghost - Stalker / Creepy Horror Story (Old Upload)
Show Details8min 1s
Episode 19 - Dark Places On The Deep Web
Show Details11min 7s
Episode 18 - I've Been Getting Strange Letters From The St. Louis Prison
Show Details10min 9s
Episode 17 - Last Night My Dog Passed Away, 4 Hours Later... A Group Of People Showed Up
Show Details14min 13s
Episode 16 - Lets Not Meet Horror Stories Volume 2 (Feat. Phantom Librarian)
Show Details18min 35s
Episode 15 - 4 Scary Stories To Fuel Your Nightmares (Feat. Phantom Librarian)
Show Details19min 23s
Episode 14 - Let's Not Meet - Reddit Horror Stories - TRUE STORIES (Feat. Phantom Librarian)
Show Details16min 51s
Episode 13 - Locked In A Resort Room in Dominican Republic. After I Submit, We Will Run
Show Details18min 21s
Episode 12 - A Father's Worst Nightmare, Almost A Reality
Show Details6min 24s
Episode 11 - Ward B, Patient 3: Caffeine
Show Details13min 28s
Episode 10 - I Found An Unopened Email From My Best Friend Before He Killed Himself
Show Details10min 43s
Episode 9 - Ward B, Patient Two: Monsters
Show Details17min 29s
Episode 8 - Ward B, Patient One: Peeling
Show Details16min 50s
Episode 7 - Do Not Buy Cars From Craigslist
Show Details8min 1s
Episode 6 - My Coworker Killed Himself Over A Lost USB Flash Drive
Show Details11min 4s
Episode 5 - Don't Answer Craigslist Ads Posted At 2 AM - Scary Craigslist Horror Story
Show Details8min 46s
Episode 4 - Stalker Horror Stories | TRUE STORIES (Feat. Lets Read!)
Show Details19min 15s
Episode 3 - I Blindly Jumped Into A Psychologic Experiment For Christmas Money
Show Details13min 43s
Episode 2 - Dad's Tapes: The Child Star
Show Details7min 44s
Episode 1 - Christmas In Our New Home Was A Nightmare
Show Details9min 27s