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The Say Hey Podcast

James Donohue is a lifelong fan of the San Francisco Giants who wants to be there with you every step of the way to the next world series. Let's talk Giants baseball.


79 l This Is The Lowest Point Of The Season
Show Details11min 1s
78 l Giants Lose Series Against The Nationals, Are Things As Bad As They Seem?
Show Details12min 28s
77 l We Need To Talk About Joc Pederson
Show Details17min 37s
76 l The Giants Are In First Place, Are We Surprised?
Show Details20min 11s
75 l Padres Come To Town
Show Details13min 58s
74 l Today Is Opening Day
Show Details21min 21s
73 l Player Profile & Projections: LaMonte Wade Jr., Logan Webb, Mike Yastrzemski
Show Details14min 41s
72 l Play Profile Projections: Darin Ruf, Carlos Rodon, Brandon Crawford
Show Details14min 3s
71 l Player Profile Projections: Brandon Belt, Alex Wood, Joc Pederson
Show Details14min 19s
70 l Can The Giants Generate Another Successful Season With This Current Roster, Kris Bryant Breaks My Heart, Giants Bring Joctober To The Bay Area
Show Details20min 59s
69 l Baseball Is Back, Giants Make A Splash In Free Agency, Time To Get Excited
Show Details15min 38s
68 l Opening Day Canceled, Regular Season Games Gone, The Owners Are Killing Their Own Sport
Show Details15min 35s
67 l Spring Training Officially Postponed, Fun Facts About The 2021 Season
Show Details11min 22s
66 l The Best Hitters On The Free Agent Market
Show Details22min 59s
65 l Do The Giants Already Have Their 5th Starter?
Show Details11min 25s
64 l Gausman Is Gone, Alex Cobb Is A Giant, What The Hell Is A Lockout?
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63 l Free Agent Moves: Pitchers Part 1
Show Details10min 29s
62 l The Giants May Have Lost But The Season Was No Failure
Show Details10min 47s
61 l Kris Bryant Traded To The Giants: My Reaction
Show Details10min 50s
60 l Giants Beat LA, They Now Take On Houston, Recorded Before The Kris Bryant Trade
Show Details22min 24s
59 l Trade Talks Part 2: Hitters
Show Details14min 34s
58 l Trade Talks Part 1: Starting Pitching
Show Details17min 50s
57 l The Giants Can Sweep The Nationals
Show Details16min 11s
56 l Nada Problem With Estrada
Show Details10min 20s
55 l The Giants Are Rocking A 4-Game Losing Streak
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54 l All Eyes Are On Alex Wood This Weekend
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53 l The Giants Are Making The Playoffs
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52 l Giants Beat LA In LA
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51 l Why I Respect Trevor Bauer
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50 l The Giants Are 9 Games Above .500
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49 l Happy 90th Birthday To The Say Hey Kid
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48 l Smells Like Bad Fish
Show Details18min 15s
47 l The Giants Are One Of The Best Teams In Baseball Right Now
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46 l The Giants Took On Some Fish And The Fish Won
Show Details19min 19s
45 l Rocky Start For Colorado: Giants Sweep And Win 4 In A Row
Show Details19min 47s
44 l Ruf Game For The Padres
Show Details22min 59s
43 l Giants Lead The League In Home Runs, Mariners Recap, Winning In San Diego
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42 l Season Starts In Two Days
Show Details17min 46s
41 l The Perfect Opening Day Lineup
Show Details24min 6s
40 l Five Bold Takes For The 2021 Season
Show Details18min 51s
39 l Spring Training Standouts
Show Details22min 34s
38 l Dalton Johnson: Writer For NBC Sports Bay Area
Show Details44min 10s
37 l Spring Training News And Notes, Giants Add Another Pitcher To The Starting Rotation, Grading The Front Office
Show Details24min 18s
36 l Giants Add Big Piece To The Bullpen
Show Details13min 36s
35 l The Giants Make A Trade
Show Details23min 17s
34 l Mark W. Sanchez: Beat Writer For KNBR, Not The QB
Show Details50min 42s
33 l Answering Your Questions, Latest Free Agent Rumors
Show Details22min 53s
32 l These Five Players Will Have A Great Season, The Giants Sign Alex Wood
Show Details25min 13s
31 l Giants Make A Trade, But Should They Make Another?
Show Details25min 37s
30 l The Future Of The Giants Is Looking Bright
Show Details18min 32s
29 l Who Did The Giants Just Sign?
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28 l Tyler Heineman
Show Details45min 15s
27 l Off-Season Updates: Big Names Have Entered Free Agency
Show Details32min 55s
26 l Alex Pavlovic
Show Details31min 27s
25 l Comparing Giants Players To A Thanksgiving Spread
Show Details20min 25s
24 l Most Impactful Postseason Performances and Moments Of The 2010's
Show Details30min 3s
23 l The Worst and Best Trades In Giants History
Show Details34min 52s
22 l Shaun Anderson
Show Details46min 21s
21 l Grading The Giants Pitchers
Show Details22min 13s
20 l Grading The Giants Hitters
Show Details22min 13s
19 l Offseason Moves That Can Send The Giants Directly To The Postseason In 2021
Show Details29min 57s
18 l My Top 10 Favorite Moments From The 2020 Season
Show Details16min 2s
17 l The Most Important Take Aways From the 2020 Season
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16 l Here's What Needs To Happen In Order To Make The Playoffs
Show Details14min
15 l Alex Dickerson Just Became America's Favorite Dad, There's Hope Facing The Padres, The Playoff's Are Still Attainable.
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14 l The Next Three Games Will Make Or Break Our Season
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13 l We Are At The Home Stretch
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12 l Here's Some Good News
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11 l His Name is Drew Smyly And He Just Became Our Secret Weapon
Show Details24min 31s
10 l It's Time To Start Believing In The Giants
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9 l 40 Total Hits and 29 Total Runs Scored In Two Games
Show Details21min 15s
8 l We Are In The Playoff Hunt
Show Details17min
7 l Trade Deadline Predictions
Show Details23min 16s
6 l A Tribute To Hunter Pence, Six Wins In A Row, Dodgers Preview
Show Details25min 38s
5 l Two Wins In A Row! Who Is A Reliever We Can Trust?
Show Details9min 4s
4 l Snapping A 5-Game Losing Streak Never Felt So good
Show Details15min 8s
3 l Closer Role May Not Be The Spot For Gott, Right Now
Show Details34min 12s
2 l Astros Series Recap, A's Series Preview, My Boldest Take Of 2020
Show Details16min 15s
1 l Giants Beat The Astros In Extra Innings
Show Details13min 48s