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The Sanguine Space: Spirituality, Positivity & Healing

The Sanguine Space is the place to get uplifted, inspired and empowered to live your dream life. We could use a little more positivity, hope and courage on this journey to healing, self love, growth and wholeness. Let’s get empowered together, and make you the best version of yourself!


23. Love and Support Yourself
Show Details11min 1s
22. Get Comfortable with Being Misunderstood
Show Details9min 47s
21. Stop Comparing and Trust Yourself
Show Details13min 16s
20. Embrace Imperfection and Enjoy the Journey
Show Details31min 19s
19. Shift Your Identity to Manifest Your Dreams
Show Details30min 23s
18. Stop Chasing More Things & Be Confident NOW
Show Details11min 59s
17. Stop Staying In Situations Where You're Not Valued
Show Details37min 54s
16. How to Forgive Yourself for Making Decisions You Regret
Show Details12min 3s
15. What to Do When People Envy You
Show Details19min 58s
14. Instead of Affirming, Start Deconstructing
Show Details23min 48s
13. How to Let Go of Baggage
Show Details14min 30s
12. Drop the Excuses and Make a Decision!
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11. You’re Kinder When You’re Not Trying to People-Please
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10. How to Deal with Self Doubt and Fear
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9. How to Build Lasting Confidence
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8. Don't Quit, Recommit!
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7. Three Things I Did to Improve My Relationship with Social Media
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6. Better Ways to Approach Growth & the Self Development Journey
Show Details52min 26s
5. People Are Better Than You Think
Show Details11min 25s
4. Stop Seeking Approval and Follow Your Heart
Show Details28min 11s
3. You've Shifted Your Mindset; Now It's Time to Take Action
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2. Staying Positive & Caring for Our Mental Health During a Crisis
Show Details23min 51s
1. Stop Letting Fear Control You
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Welcome to the Sanguine Space! (Trailer)
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