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Season 1 | Episode 2
1h 6m | Aug 5, 2022

We continue our journey with the Dreaming as we chat about The Sandman Chapter 2 Imperfect Hosts. We will be covering each episode one at a time in spoiler filled detail. 

The Sandman Chapter 2 "Imperfect Hosts" Details 

Episode Directed by Jamie Childs 

Teleplay for this episode written by Allan Heinberg 

After his 100 years of imprisonment Morpheus finally returns to his realm. But his realm is in disarray, his dreams and nightmares have gone, and only his loyal servant Lucienne remains. To rebuild he must recover the power of his helm, pouch and ruby to restore his kingdom. 

Morpheus must contact The Fates, the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone, to gather the information he needs to find his tools, but his imprisonment has left him weak and he doesn’t even have the power to do that. Morpheus must make a sacrifice of one of his creations to contact them and he heads to the Houses of Mysteries and Secrets, where Cain and Abel reside in order to sacrifice the life of Gregory the Gargoyle. 

As Dream leaves to contact the Fates, Cain murders Abel…again! Meanwhile The Corinthian pays a visit to Ethel Cripps, the last known holder of all of Morpheus’ tools. He attempts to convince her to use the tools to destroy the Lord of Dreams to keep himself in the waking world. 

But Ethel explains that she no longer has any of the tools. Corinthian decides to force an unhelpful Ethel to reveal her knowledge by taking her eyes, but unknown to Corinthian she has a trick up her sleeve, using the Amulet of Protection to escape his threats. 

Following her narrow escape and knowing Dream is loose in the world, Ethel makes an urgent visit to her son, John Dee, in his secure hospital to let him know they have been discovered. With the small amount of power gained from Gregory, Morpheus travels to meet the Fates and gathers some clues to the whereabouts of his tools. He once again leaves his realm, ignoring Lucienne’s request to take a Raven protector with him, to find Joanna Constantine and his pouch of sand. 

The Sandman Chapter 2 Cast 

Tom Sturridge - Morpheus The Lord of Dreams

Vivienne Acheampong - Lucienne

Boyd Holbrook - The Corinthian

Joely Richardson - Ethel Cripps

David Thewlis - John Dee

Sanjeev Bhaskar - Cain

Asim Chaudhry - Abel

Nina Wadia - Fate Mother

Souad Faress - Fate Crone

Dinita Gohil - Fate Maiden 

The Sandman Creators 

Based on the comics written by Neil Gaiman 

Art by Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg. 

Cover Art by Dave McKean

Executive Producers are Allan Heinberg, Neil Gaiman and David S. Goyer

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Thanks for joining us for our podcast all about The Sandman Chapter 2 "Sleep of The Just". We'll be back next time with our discussions about The Sandman Chapter 3 "Dream A Little Dream of Me". 

Thanks so much for joining us fellow Dreamers. 

John, Derek and Chris

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