The Root of All Podcasts

In a world where there are several hundred thousand podcasts currently running, how will you find out whats worth listening to? Well we can help. Devan and Miles Neuvirth have developed a brilliant algorithm to put two podcasts episodes talking about the same topic head to head. listen, laugh, and find other things to listen to!


13. Tabletop Deduction Reduction
Show Details42min 32s
12. L'ego my Lego!
Show Details51min 19s
11. Tangent Wars: Episode XI - The Unnecessary Subtitle
Show Details51min 15s
10. Virtual Reality, Actual Rambling
Show Details1hr 1min
9. Turkeyday Traditions
Show Details52min 16s
8. November Nonprofits
Show Details39min 10s
7. Cause of Death: Murder
Show Details34min 16s
6. Aaahh!!! Real Zombies
Show Details41min 30s
5. Punkin Chunkin Discussion
Show Details41min 23s
4. Medusa Cascade
Show Details52min 31s
3. Anything but a football podcast
Show Details32min 40s
2. hot dogs are tacos, @ me bout it
Show Details49min 56s
1. Shark Tales: Whoo-oo
Show Details37min 25s