The Roaring 20's Podcast

Welcome to the best years of our lives. Host Peter Torres addresses the growing pains and unanswered topics of becoming a full time adult. Cheers to being in your 20's in the 2020's.


11 - Let's all get rich and INVEST
Show Details25min 37s
10 - Healthy Lifestyles & Dirty Jersey (ft. Angie Caruso & Alex Thul)
Show Details45min 42s
9 - Being an American is not fun right now
Show Details10min 39s
8 - Fitness Goals for 2021
Show Details28min 15s
7 - Let's crush 2021
Show Details20min 38s
6 - Vaccine Talk
Show Details18min 50s
5 - Jackson Olson
Show Details32min 6s
4 - What we miss about Social Media
Show Details23min 58s
3 - Joining a sorority/TikTok (ft. Sophie Norgaard)
Show Details32min 21s
2 - It's Finals Week
Show Details24min 6s
1 - The Roaring 20's Intro
Show Details18min 54s