• MAMBO: “Trail-club”, criminal desistance, and colonization 2.0

    How does the criminal justice system work and what does it do? Mambo tells his story of 'no contest' and then failing to comply with probation leading to prison. Recognizing it to be an unhealthy place, we hear of 'perverse incentives' and the economics of the criminal justice system (e.g. Crime Control as Industry). We talk about how the road to hell is paved with good intentions and reference Philip G. Zimbardo (Stanford Prison Experiment 1971) and Stanley Milgram (Obedience to Authority) as examples. Yet Mambo speaks positively about his prison experience and the interpersonal 'tool kit' and skill-set that has instilled optimism, mindfulness, and dignity for him. We touch on the intersectionality of queer people, veterans and the relationship between prison and military service. We hear about 'manufacturing consent' and issues of 'what if' and 'if than' risk-based suppositions. We observe of the carceral pathways to prison and the internal locus of behavioural control needed for 'getting off paper' and desisting a past lifestyle. This episode is about instilling worth for system-impacted people and problematizing the hierarchy of classism; and colonization that devalues human life. Mambo shares his experience with marginalization and the bonds formed from suffering. Despite internalizations of shame and trauma, this is a story of ambition for reform and advocacy in South Dakota that 'fills one's cup' with gratitude.


    PODCASTS Criminal - EarHustle - 70 Million - Inner Circle - This Land

    ORGANIZATION How to Justice

    PEOPLE Russell Means Leonard Peltier

    BOOKS The Surrender Experiment: My Journey Into Life's Perfection by Michael A. Singer

    Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson


    1h 24m | Oct 26, 2021
  • CHRIS: r/ExCon #198552 aka CASH

    What does personal experience with incarceration and community supervision tell us about the penal system? This episode features the founder of a popular subreddit: r/ExCons - where 'the reformed make the world a better place'. This show is dedicated to system-impacted people possessing insider knowledge of true criminal justice. I hear about the culture of life in prison, and thereafter. We chat about the order of things in a carceral state. I hear a story of too much stick and too little carrot from a reformed man who tells a tale of punitivity and resilience. Chris talks about his experience with sentencing, navigating security tiers, and the honour that comes from a code of integrity. We hear about probation, parole, and the significance of Pre-Sentence Reports (i.e. 'keeping your papers with you') to prove one's status inside. We talk about a corrupt economy of expensive telephone calls with loved ones for profit; and the politics of punishment in the United States (the 'incarceration nation'). This is a show about giving hope by voicing concern for reform. We touch on the death penalty, issue of false positives, and anecdotes like the 'colour' lottery of drug testing leading to a sense of uncertainty and unknowing.  

    1h 33m | Oct 20, 2021
  • ALEX: Criminology, critical race theory, et. al.

    This episode is jam packed with cultural references as we delve into subjects including Why blackface is still part of Dutch holidays, and the ‘missing white woman syndrome’ concerning the Death of Gabby Petito. Following up to an earlier episode (CRIMINOLOGIST confidant: Alex Belloir) Alex returns to chat about Critical race theory, global affairs and politicization. This episode was recorded on the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and thus we touch on the origins of ‘orange shirt day’ in Canada. We talk about the killing of George Floyd in the US; and observe problems of categorizing and labelling ‘racism’ in the postmodern era. We touch on carceral geography, appetites for contemporary conspiracies; and the rise of nationalism and popular politics especially around preempting dissent and the grasps of authoritarianism globally. 

    Phil Scraton (Criminologist)

    Liquid Modernity by Zygmunt Bauman (Book)  

    Derek Chauvin is convicted of killing George Floyd

    Survivor: The story of Phyllis Webstad and Orange Shirt Day

    Preempting Dissent: The Politics of an Inevitable Future (Book)

    Belarus 'diverts Ryanair flight to arrest journalist', opposition says

    Gabby Petito case example of 'missing white woman syndrome,' experts say

    1h 29m | Oct 16, 2021
  • ELLIOTT: MAP censorship, mass reporting, and surviving stigma

    What type(s) of sexuality are tolerable in society? I speak with another non-offending minor-attracted-person to create nuance about popular perceptions of pedophiles et al.. Elliott talks about his own show: A MAPs Journey Podcast where conversations detail actual experiences of negotiating stigma; including a blog full of resource material for getting support. Elliott shares about his own attraction, age dysmorphia, and arrested development. We talk about societal implications for minor-attracted-persons and explore tolerance in an age of censorship while differentiating orientation from actual harm; including the shame experienced by folks with this predilection and affinity for youth. 

     Prevention Project Dunkelfeld (Troubled Desire)

    John Bradshaw "finding your inner child"

    MAPs IRL Podcast Blog

    The Prevention Podcast

    ASAP international

    MAP Support Club




    1h 16m | Oct 12, 2021
  • X: Redemption, ‘one-upping’, and resilience behind inceldom pain

    How does one transform shame? This sequel follows up to X: on Asperger's and inceldom in the context of living a meaningful life. We hear back from X and delve into a spiteful ego preoccupied by revenge. We discover aspects of a rigid life script and attempt to balance objectivity with the subjectivities of everyday life. X begins to negotiate a legitimate desire for love and affection with the self-imposed rules of his life script. This episode is about breaking down the metaphorical walls built up from bullying to focus on the prospects of finding a "four leaf clover" and growing into a meaningful relationship. We touch on the Toronto van attack while aiming our discussion to the need for mindfulness about where our thoughts may lead us. 

     No More Mr. Nice Guy (by Dr. Robert Glover)

    1h 34m | Oct 3, 2021
  • PAUL: ‘Voice’, on being heard and its implications for the modern era

    How does one find purpose? I check in with a long-time friend, entrepreneur and artist to explore the meaning of life. We chat about popular culture and reference his recent animated project Micheal Jackson Time Traveller - EP. 3. We touch on dogma, religion, God and the general state of affairs not limited to technology and addiction. Topics include globalization and localization in the context of COVID-19; Canadian politics and the election; blockchain technology and the rights and responsibilities associated with them all.

    The Third Industrial Revolution (by Jeremy Rifkin)

    1h 58m | Sep 21, 2021
  • GUY: Shooting the breeze, remotely, in a globalized world

    What does travel, culture, and music have to do with one another? I hit up my old friend Guy in the Netherlands where we reminisce about our former trio band The Robot Kings. We talk about Dutch art, entertainment and language. We touch on "Black Lives Matter" and the tradition of Zwarte Piet (aka Black Pete) as well as identity politics, victimhood and ‘on being offended’. We discuss how language and culture impact one's worldview and ponder whether the "world is going to hell in a handbasket" or not. Discussions are not limited to high-crime, "green criminology", the climate, and issues of sustainability. Guy tells of the eco village and bio diverse habitat he and his partner are cultivating with a community of folks living off-grid; and of course - the tradition of Dutch levees, dykes and Flood control in the Netherlands - or rather as he describes a “landmass won from the sea”. We ponder urban life versus wilderness at a time of pandemic and weigh-in on the philosophy of travel. 

    1h 47m | Jul 30, 2021
  • PJ: Pedophiles committed to not offending

    Where are the lines drawn as to who is inside or excluded from society? In this exclusive interview I talk to PJ who explains about his minor-attraction and commitment to abstain from any contact with minors. We discuss experiences of stigma, coming out, and finding support toward the laudable goals of activism: a) decreasing child-sexual abuse; and b) creating safer spaces for folks with pedophilia. We talk about psychosocial distress; diagnostic materials and uncover terminology around "chronophilias" to discern orientations from disorders and thoughts juxtaposed to behaviour. PJ talks about a moral standard of doing no harm and we explore the origins of nature versus nurture to dispel some myths about popular perception and stereotypes. We talk about acronyms and lingo of the community and discuss concern for personal accountability especially regarding pornography/art. We make mention of leading researchers: James M. Cantor and Michael C. Seto in explaining this phenomenon while emphasizing the need for peer support to avoid abusive circumstances. 


    Preventative resources

    Prevention Project Dunkelfeld (Troubled Desire)

    The Prevention Podcast

    MAPs IRL Podcast Blog

    MAP Support Club




    1h 11m | Jul 18, 2021
  • X: on Asperger's and inceldom

    In which ways should society be more accommodating and how do folks describe their needs? "Inceldom" means different things to different people and some views are more radical and misogynistic than others. I chat with X in terms of his being involuntarily alone and single in context of the neurodevelopmental qualities of Asperger's syndrome. X tells of his struggles with social interaction and nonverbal communication at the ripe age of 22 years as an undergraduate student. We talk about inceldom and the irony of finding community around isolation and concern for “comfort in the suffering". We observe the ease of self-deprecation opposed to the discipline needed to push comfort zones for oneself. We talk about concurrent disorders, experiences of rejection, and the meanings of being a 'weirdo'. X presents as a funny, charming, and honest soul like so many susceptible folks that at one time or another have fallen into the toxic "crab bucket" of self-pity and online groupthink. This one-man-band explains about being shunned and his sense of stigma regarding ableism with introspection on being different.

    1h 34m | Jul 2, 2021
  • PATEK: “Racepill” as inceldom ideology

    What is within and beyond our control? This episode considers a facet of inceldom known as the “racepill”. I chat with Patek, a redditor who describes his involuntary celibacy. Despite Patek's financial success he describes interpersonal aspects of his life as “abysmal”, namely being a virgin at 20+ years of age with which he attributes this plight to his ethnicity, specifically being of South Asian descent in Western society. We chat about hierarchies of attractiveness based on race and the objectivity of beauty juxtaposed to its subjectivity. Patek shares ‘rabbit holes’ he has ventured down leading to beliefs about ‘phenotypes’ thus putting language and ideology into place for the calculability of beauty and attractiveness or lookism as a basic tenet of inceldom as a worldview. Discussions include globalization, the cultural practice of arranged marriage, ideas about reducing men and women to objective scales; and certain ‘taxes’ associated with incels’ disfavoured attributes. We talk about pornography and masturbation in context of religion and the relationship between sex and violence. We conclude on the notion of perception being projection and question what it may require to shift toward an internal locus of behavioural control in which the adage of ‘mind over matter’ holds true. 

    1h 29m | Jun 25, 2021
  • MAUREEN: on human rights, health, and gratitude in a conflicted world

    Where does one get trusted information and how may it be authenticated these days? I chat with my long-time friend and self-described Circus Monkey, Maureen. She shares her experience in fitness, dance, and finding love in travel while reporting on her life from Israel. We talk about the state of the pandemic along with her understanding of the current conflict and civil unrest there. We talk about bringing new life into the world - and SHE ANNOUNCES HER PREGNANCY on the podcast! We observe a feminine double-standard in fitness regarding her recent television appearance on Israel Ninja. Maureen showcases her Wim Hoff breathwork as we chat about nonsensical policy, inoculation, and viral surveillance. She adheres to “facts over fear” rhetoric and emphasizes vaccination as personal choice. And we both observe paradoxes that undermine health messaging such as negligence in popular discourse about nutrition, vitamin supplementation, and lifestyle while negotiating a new post-pandemic rule of order. 




    1h 38m | Jun 18, 2021
  • STEVEN: on capturing and documenting culture, where the West begins

    What is the role of government? In this episode I catch up with my old friend and bandmate Comma Joe. We talk about “sounds on the periphery of society” including his experience in International Development stemming from graduate studies at Utrecht University, where we first met. I hear about his time in Togo, Uganda, and Chad and learn about Water and Sanitation Health (WASH) issues in context

    of the global pandemic. We talk some about research methods and then turn to vaccines and travel - along with inoculation passports; and security theatre observing concern about a rise in authoritarianism globally. Discussions are not limited to the frontier of Texas and gun regulation; comments on the effects of globalization and Steven’s personal story getting COVID-19 in Africa. See some of Steven’s photography from his travels.

    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

    - Benjamin Franklin 



    1h 56m | Jun 11, 2021
  • TUPELO: on 'club fed prison’ and how to make lemonade out of lemons

    This is a story about the opioid epidemic and federal prison time. Tupelo tells of his addiction and drug offence stemming from employment at a pharmacy. His crime: one count conspiracy to distribute oxycontin leading to life lessons on drugs, alcohol and relapse prevention. He completed a 9 month residential drug and alcohol program while at a minimum security prison he calls “club fed”. Tune in to hear about a story of redemption, experiences with sentencing, and the politics between state and federal prosecutors. We talk about navigating tiers of security and bouncing between multiple facilities before arriving at a final destination, Federal Prison Camp Montgomery. To read Tupelo’s blog click here: Stories from Club Fed.



    Bastøy Prison

    Federal Prison Camp Montgomery

    1h 38m | Jun 4, 2021
  • JOHN: on sexual offending, risk, and US prison myths

    What does it mean to be a subject of risk and how do you respond to it? John describes his experience in this episode as an individual subject to the sex offender registry in Colorado. He was convicted of a sex crime and sentenced to 2 years of prison and 10 years of probation after pleading no contest to his offence. His story provides a visceral account of the barriers faced navigating the justice system, from lawyers in court, to prison guards, probation officers, polygraph technicians, to public perception at large. John recounts his story with insight on how to reform the system while reflecting on his wrongs; and we explore the extent of necessary retribution thereafter. At what point can one be redeemed? What is the difference between victims and offenders and our responses to each? What works and where is there need for improvement in the (US) prison system? 



    The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

    The Handbook of Epictetus

    Crime Control as Industry

    1h 56m | May 26, 2021
  • JOSH: on art in prison, attempted murder, and mandatory minimum sentencing in Oregon

    How do you value your time? When is one redeemable and at what cost? Josh was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison for attempted murder and served his time from age 19 to 27. This is not a perspective on prison abolitionism but pay per service prison fare. It is a story about ‘day for day sentencing’ (i.e. no time off for any reason) also known as mandatory minimum sentencing and limiting judicial discretion. Yet Josh tells of his resilient account on surviving prison while discovering a creative talent in a hostile and austere place. He talks about leveraging his art skills and gaining useful experiences inside leading to success on the outside; but not without barriers. He tells of his experience giving back through community organization and mentorship and shares his story about Oregon Mandatory Sentences (aka Measure 11) along with some deleterious effects of coercion and fear tactics in pre-trial resolutions. 


    Seductions Of Crime: Moral And Sensual Attractions In Doing Evil

    Industrial Areas Foundation

    Shock Collar (Movie)

    2h 1m | May 21, 2021
  • KAT: County Jail, State Prison, and overcoming addiction

    Is going to jail primarily for rehabilitation or punishment? This episode takes a true ‘inside’ perspective on mental health and prison. I speak with a young woman from Indiana who discusses drug conspiracy charges and her own addiction and recovery. This is a story of personal redemption in the effects of the ‘War on Drugs’ in an opiate epidemic. We discuss her experience in county jails and state prison in context of the Stanford Prison Experiment and the subreddit support group available for those with encounters of the justice system. We talk about lessons learned and pathways for success in overcoming trauma and criminalization. This is her big debut going public and illustrating some infuriating paradoxes of being incarcerated.

    1h 54m | May 14, 2021
  • Incel Insight: on being 'Love Shy' & online

    What does it mean to be involuntarily celibate today? How does one describe the experience of being an 'incel'? In this episode, I explore an exclusive perspective from a fellow from an Internet subreddit on his plight of intimacy incapacitation and preoccupation with sex. We talk about subjectivity v. objectivity, the ‘manosphere’ and online dating in the age of COVID-19. Discussions include virginity and “men going their own way” with a sociological look at ideologies about online subculture. We discuss the perception of ‘incels’ as violent and reference some media accounts, specifically a case in Toronto’s recent history. We explore adages of the past including 'spinsters' in a nuanced discussion with this highly insightful individual whom I explore internal and external loci of behavioral control. Topics are not limited to pornography, masturbation, religion, dogma and indoctrination. In short, this episode explores an axiom of hereditarianism and personal improvement around putting the 'p' in the 'v'. 




    A Proven Plan for Getting What You Want in Love, Sex, and

    Life by Dr. Robert Glover

    'Incel' … in Toronto … found guilty after autism defence


    Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

    2h 13m | May 8, 2021
  • MICHAEL: on Drugs, substance use and its societal effects

    To what extent does society have a responsibility to help those in need? I chat with a long-time friend and an addiction case manager. We discuss drug policy, and decriminalization as well as approaches of abstinence and harm reduction. We talk about fiscal responsibility, the power of language, addictions medicine, and public perception of safe/supervised injections sites and methadone clinics; with a view on saving money regarding preventative measures. We talk about Universal Basic Income and the Canada Emergency Response Benefit while at times getting off topic and reminiscing about old days in school and as bandmates. We touch on vaccines and the housing market in Canada and observe a trend of people fleeing cities leading to bidding wars in suburban and rural communities. We loop back to differentiate ‘mental health’ and ‘mental illness’ and the resurgence of empirical evidence about psychedelics. This episode is centered around topics of compulsivity and habits that reward us based on chemicals in the brain - leading to realizations of self-improvement, weight loss, and addressing intergenerational trauma. We conclude chatting with strategies of self-care, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and the insidious effects of occupational stress in a chaotic work-life balance, especially for folks required to work from home.   


    UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME: A Conversation with Andrew Yang


     How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan; Punishing the Poor by Loïc Wacquant


    2h 26m | May 6, 2021
  • Bonus Track: "Go To Bed" by BASES LOADED

    An exclusive bonus brought to you by our boy in action: BASES LOADED. Please put your (virtual) hands together and welcome back the artist and modern day man via a small snippet of his feature album computers break ups sparking water titled 'Go To Bed'.

    4m | May 6, 2021
  • NATHAN, my nurse: Occam's razor - an inside look at COVID-19 and vaccines

    I listen to the perspective of an ICU nurse working in a small-town hospital in Ontario, Canada. We reminisce about old times including Lollapalooza 2017; deep dish pizza, Chicago, and the days of international travel; our friendship, virginity, incel culture and love. We talk about the Gamestock and Robinhood saga in context of the ‘great reset’ and touch on the heroism of nursing since the pandemic. We talk about wearing (or not) a mask, when to, how to, and why. We talk about ICU beds and resources during a pandemic and nursing in the age of COVID from the perspective of a healthcare provider; as well as other subjects including psychedelics, stocks; and the origins and future of The Rexcrim Show. 


    NurseSpeak Podcast see NurseSpeak.com

    Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now by Jaron Lanier

    Toronto's Adamson Barbecue owner billed for police response

    Adamson Barbecue billed $187,000 by City of Toronto

    2h 27m | Apr 9, 2021
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