The Redendron Show

The Redendron Show is about the art and culture of Northeast India. And on it, you will hear stories about how millennial creators in Northeast India are preserving the essence of their fading culture through art and creativity. And you should listen to this if you are a creator who is curious to explore the untapped cultures of Northeast India.

Podcast sessions with artists, change-makers and entrepreneurs from in and around Northeast India, delving subjectively into North-Eastern art and culture, philosophy, passion, literature, music and reformation.


How to Live a Creative Live - Lessons from the Director of "Appa" (Anmol Gurung)
Show Details44min 1s
The Road Less Traveled (with Sailesh Chettri)
Show Details23min 9s
Young Educational Reformer From Northeast India - Raul Jeremiah Rai
Show Details35min 28s
Building a Community of Rappers in Sikkim (with Nitesh Bagdash AKA Niz))
Show Details21min 23s
Inside the Mind of a 16 Year Old Novelist (Hridaii Raj Chettri)
Show Details22min 38s
Effortless Mastery with Aditya Chettri
Show Details40min 42s
The Rubik's Art (with Mr Cube, a Rubik's Cube Artist)
Show Details30min 37s
The Scenario of Art in NorthEast India (with Rohonit Hang Subba)
Show Details19min 26s
Rise of Skateboarding in Sikkim (with Tenzing Tsundue)
Show Details25min 6s
Rise of Bboying and Hip-Hop Culture in Sikkim (with Bardan Tamang)
Show Details14min 59s