The Red Mage: Exploring World-Building In Design

The Red Mage follows human experience designer Joshua Ian through his design process. Joshua uses a world-building methodology and breaks down how to apply world-building to design, what methods to use, and resources to help aspiring designers and world-builders while working on live projects.


Episode 6-Humor, Struggle, And World-Building
Show Details1hr 26min
Episode 5- KPIs
Show Details16min 28s
Episode 4- Size Matters
Show Details18min 5s
Episode 3- Community, Networking, And Cosplay
Show Details49min 14s
Episode 2- Black Lives Matter
Show Details18min 24s
Episode 1- An Interview With Tynamic Cosplay
Show Details49min 39s
Episode 0- An Intro To The Red Mage
Show Details15min 10s