• EP2: Invest in Yourself

    We’re here to give the people what they’ve been waiting for! 

    We’re back, with my brotha from anotha motha! By popular demand, Freddo Richardson is on the mic! 

    On episode 2, our discussion centers around “angles” and leads to Fredd and me opening up about:

    • Overcoming anxiety as a black athlete entering the corporate world for the first time
    • What it means to “invest in yourself” and new entrepreneur ventures
    • Bitcoin going to the MOON! 🌚 (At time of recording it was $22k… now it’s up past $46K)
    • One time, I thought I could guard him in a 🏀game… (SPOILER, I gave up 10 straight points) 
    • I had no clue what year we were going into 😅
    • Happy Birthday Trev!

    Links to support the mentioned black owned businesses below:

    Hope Y'all Enjoy! 🤞🏾

    E2 - 52m - Feb 9, 2021
  • EP 1: Black Boy, No Joy

    Hey Everyone! This is my intro episode where I get R.E.A.L. with myself first! Battling with chronic depression for the first time, the loss of Kobe, social injustice, all wrapped in a pandemic... whew, fun levels were at an all time low! Tune in, and find out how I bounced back!

    E1 - 32m - Oct 30, 2020
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