• Q&A Extravaganza: Your Questions Answered

    Get ready to embark on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as I candidly answer YOUR burning questions. No scripts, no filters just raw and unfiltered insights that bring you closer to yours truly.

    In this intimate rendezvous, your burning questions take center stage, guiding the conversation with yours truly. Curiosity sparks creativity, and we're about to ignite an unfiltered dialogue that reveals the most candid and captivating sides of Micheal Olaniyi ( Mandrel Mykels)

    Join us for an exclusive Q&A session, where our host uncovers candid stories, amusing anecdotes, and surprising secrets straight out of the heart.

    The Rave: Live, Love, Grow will be back in SEASON 3


    30m - Jul 31, 2023
  • Unveiling the Path: Adventures in Life, Growth, and Reflection

    "Episode 19: From Small Beginnings to Soaring Heights: My Personal Journey to Growth, Hustles, and High-Flying Adventures!

    🌟 How it started and how it's going: Hey there, folks! Buckle up and join me on an incredible ride as I share the ups and downs of my personal development journey. From humble beginnings to remarkable achievements, we'll explore the transformative power of embracing growth with a big smile on our faces!

    💼 Balancing a day job and side hustles: Ready to master the art of juggling? I'll spill the beans on how I've successfully balanced my day job while nurturing my side hustles. Let's uncover practical strategies and lessons learned, ensuring that we rock both our professional and creative worlds.

    ⏳ The finitude of life: Life's too short to waste a single moment! Together, let's delve into the awe-inspiring wisdom of acknowledging our mortality. We'll discuss how this mindset has propelled me forward, igniting my ambitions and infusing every day with joy, gratitude, and a sense of urgency.

    ✈️ First-time flyer tales: Ah, the rush of taking flight! Join me as I recall my very first experience soaring through the clouds. From comical mishaps to sheer awe, I'll share hilarious anecdotes that will leave you laughing out loud and itching for your own high-flying adventure.

    Get ready to dive deep into my personal stories, heartfelt conversations, and lighthearted banter that will inspire you to unlock your full potential. This episode is all about embracing growth, finding balance, and cherishing life's extraordinary moments. So, fasten your seatbelts, folks, and let's take off on this exhilarating adventure together!"

    S2E19 - 23m - May 27, 2023
  • Masks and Silence

    In this episode of the Rave: Live, Love, Grow, Micheal had a guest Ifedotun. She is a budding artist and a graduate of Ahamdu Bello University where she studied Surveying and Geoinformatics, currently running her master's degree.

    Ifedotun has a project on the way; which was basically the catalyst for her appearance on the show. In the episode, she shared the reason why she decided to embark on the project and what it will be about. Micheal couldn’t hide his excitement as he will be modeling for the project.

    It was an interesting conversation where they both spoke about men from their different perspectives. They discuss some of the stereotypes society has branded men with and of course, Ifedotun shared her one cent on the narrative of men being forced to succumb.

    Whether you are a man or not there is definitely something for you in this episode. What are you waiting for? DIG IN!


    You can check out Ifedotun and her work on:

    Instagram: @Ife_dotun

    Twitter: @Ifedotun3

    Facebook and Tiktok: @Ifedotun

    S2E18 - 18m - Apr 29, 2023
  • The Journey Across and Beyond (Nigeria, Which Way Na?!)

    The Nigerian 2023 elections have finally concluded but, as to be expected, not everyone is happy with the results. Marred by cases of violence, disruption and mishaps, it's been a topic of huge debate that's only just beginning to die down. 

    The Legend of EluuPee

    The Rave: Live, Love, Grow brings us yet another episode of The Journey Across and Beyond (The JAaB) mini-series. Like every other proud PVC carrying Nigerian, Jingoza and Mandrel speak about the state of the country in light of the just concluded electoral process. They even share their unabashed love for their candidate, Peter Obi and the Labour Party (EluuPee), going into their reasons for doing so. 

    Together, they discuss those who would endorse myopic leaders for selfish reasons and how the election may not have been as credible as we were promised. Sadly, this all creates a ripple effect that could influence the way people view the electoral process in general and the governing body, INEC, moving forward. Jingoza goes on a tirade and of course it's left to Mandrel, to calm him down.

    Keeping an Open Mind

    It's difficult to emerge the loser in a great battle and the elections were no different, but that's more reason to persevere and try harder next time. The duo fully express their views on the show and encourage everyone to exercise their own right to an opinion as well. 

    This isn't a political podcast but it is certainly a political episode. So whether you're a fan of either or not, give it a listen to get the full gist and share your own opinions across social media. 

    17m - Mar 25, 2023
  • What is Contentment? Being More!

         As a child I grew up with the mentality that wanting more than you currently have is wrong and that at all points you ought to be comfortable with where you are at the moment, this makes absolute sense if you ask me but there’s a flaw to this school of thought that I have come to realize over time by observation and personal experiences.

             First let’s check how the dictionary defines the word “contentment”… According to the English dictionary it’s the happiness in one’s situation. Note! It said happiness, you could be happy with your job and still desire to explore more job opportunities with better pay and welfare.

    You could be happy with your present level of intellect and knowledge about a certain subject matter but do you know all that there is to know? Are you up to date with the most recent trends?

    Let’s bring it home a little bit, how many of us have ever been shut up for wanting more than we currently are? You hear things like “Haan you better be grateful for what you have!” “If you get all of these what will other people get?” “You are being greedy”

    While there is a balance to this note that in all your wanting to be better it should come from a heart of gratitude: Gratitude for where you are on your way to where you ought to be… There is an inherent nature in man that just wants to dominate and become better and grow, its how we’ve been wired by the creator.

    It’s a pity that some people ignore that nature or are even unaware of it’s existence. You think what you are earning is the best you can earn? You think your impeccable diction is all that you can be or have? You think that current level is the best or what God has desired for you?


    Read this book early this year, the spirit of leadership by Dr. Myles Munroe… there’s a story of a Lion and I’d read it to you.


    If the Lion was left alone, he would have continued being a sheep which he isn’t but as a result of the circumstances and situations just like you who is where you aren’t comfortable with or not satisfied with what you are earning and you have just learned to accept it.. Just like the Lion in our story.

    Today, I am the other Lion calling you into the deep, a place of endless possibilities, a place of growth and development. A call to becoming all that you are… All that you were made to be.

             In this jungle of growth are many challenges that may try to contend with your identity but nothing changes the fact that you are a Lion and you are meant to roar. Listen you have been a sheep for long enough but today I challenge you to say that life you have always dreamed of having enjoying is found in the Jungle.

    S2E16 - 12m - Feb 10, 2023
  • The End of a Year - Gratitude

    So, this is the last episode for the year 2022. I'm super excited that we all made it through to this point. It's not been easy. I know there's been up and downs and things that you didn't like that happened with you. But the truth is there are also things you didn't expect that happened and then they were for good.


    I think what I just want to butress for this last podcast is just gratitude. The truth is we may not have been able to get the car or the land or the house that we wanted to, but the fact that we survived in Nigeria is more than enough reason to be grateful. A lot of things happened, a lot of ups and downs, but we're still here alive, surviving, like you are not blind.


    You can lift your hands, you can talk, you can listen. All of that is more than enough reason to be grateful. I do realize that when a year is coming to an end, there's always the need to, oh, I didn't get to do this. Oh, I didn't get to do this next year I'm going to … just calm down. Take a deep breath, and. Just let it out.


    Yes, it's a race. You have to get all these things. You need to improve. You need to give yourself time and dedication. All these things will happen, but don't try to push yourself excessively. Be grateful for the things you have. That job you have, Yes, you're not happy with what you're being paid, but do you know how many people don't have a job?


    Do you know how many people. Are probably more qualified than you are but are jobless. You don't like the circumstance you're in. You know there are people who, their dream basically is to be where you are. I've traveled this past few months and I've seen people, I've seen things that just cos me to say, God, thank you.


    I know I'm not where I would like to be. I'm not as maybe famous, do I even want to be famous? I don't even know. There's this heart of gratitude I've learned to have, and that is what I want you to go into the coming year with whatever comes your way. Of course you're going to put in the work.

    I'm not trying to, um, make you become lazy. No, that's not what I'm doing. But take it easy. All right. By the way, New Year is just around the corner in all you're eating, be careful Be really careful. And I guess that's it. I'll see you in the coming year. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year in advance. I love you guys so much.


    Thank you for listening. Thank you for making 2022 possible for The Rave: Live, Love, Grow. Without you guys who listen. Of course they won't be me. So, I’m super grateful to you. Thank you for taking out time in your busy schedule to listen to me rant about different things. I and Jingoza, well, I want this to be an emotional one, and then bringing Jingoza into this.


    I know he's going to scatter everywhere, so I just didnt . So yeah, see you in the year to come. I love you guys so much. Thank you for all you've been. Thank you for all you're going to be


    S2E15 - 4m - Dec 25, 2022
  • Kindness

    On this episode of The Rave: Live, Love, Grow, Micheal talks about kindness. It’s the act of giving that results in warm tingly feelings in the recipient. Don’t worry, Micheal and Jingoza explain it a lot better. Enjoy the show.

    Hello. Hi. Good morning. Good afternoon, Good evening. Welcome to the Rave, a monthly Podcast, where I talk about topics that are geared towards living a productive life, loving ourselves as well as others a bit more, and ultimately growing to become a better version of ourselves. The journey across and beyond will be thrown in once a while.

    It's basically me talking about random things in my life. It's more like bringing me closer to you. My name is Micheal Olaniyi, and if you will, Mandrel Mykels, it's so lovely to have you join me here. Other times I won't be doing this alone. I'll have other amazing people who will either anchor with me or will be interviewed. Anyways, all the opinions shared on this podcast are majorly subjective. It's yours to do whatever you would with it, but majorly, I do hope you pick a thing or two. Welcome to the best Days of our Life.

    Whether in fear of some cosmic karma or something entirely different, many show kindness for lots of different reasons. However, it seems one common act is the sharing of wealth, as evidenced by the handful of people Micheal took the liberty to question.

    While Jingoza’s story is suspect, Miracle, Esther, Sesan and even Micheal’s tales of kindness will certainly melt your heart. Sew a seed of kindness today and thanks for listening.

    S2E14 - 13m - Nov 15, 2022
  • The Journey Across and Beyond (War Against Sapa/ Money Talks)

    The Journey Across and Beyond (War Against Sapa/ Money Talks)


    Hello. Hi. Good morning. Good afternoon, Good evening. Welcome to the Rave, a monthly Podcast, where I talk about topics that are geared towards living a productive life, loving ourselves as well as others a bit more, and ultimately growing to become a better version of ourselves. The journey across and beyond will be thrown in once a while.

    It's basically me talking about random things in my life. It's more like bringing me closer to you. My name is Micheal Olaniyi, and if you will, Mandrel Mykels, it's so lovely to have you join me here. Other times I won't be doing this alone. I'll have other amazing people who would either anchor with me or will be interviewed. Anyways, all the opinions shared on this podcast are majorly subjective. It's yours to do whatever you would with it, but majorly, I do hope you pick a thing or two. Welcome to the best Days of our Life.


    If you came here seeking financial advice from an expert, then this might not be the episode for you, but wait! before you go, I guarantee you would learn. After all they say experience is the best teacher. In today's episode of The Journey Across and Beyond, we'll be gisting about some financial choices, mistakes, and all those sorts of things that we can both learn from.It's more like washing our dirty linens outside.

     I wouldn't be doing this alone today. I would have my guyest guy with me, and he's none other than Jingoza Fieyinfogo. Hello everybody, how you doing? How is efrething? Jingoza, why you tie face like this you no dey smile like before what happen? Continue, continue. I go tell you wetin happen later. No worry yourself.

    All right then. It's no news that money ranks among the most essential things in our reality today. You want to do this one, money, you want to buy that one, money, you want to toast girl sef billing yapa, The one wey dey pain me past sef na even if you dey find money gaan, you need money! Hahaan. KILODE?!


    I swear my guy, See everything like this money gas just dey involved. Money is needed to start it and even in the maintenance money is required. Jingoza, there are three stages in this money thing. The first one is making money, which is one of the hardest. Then managing the money again, which is equally hard. Then growing the money, na there work dey.

    Ehen now, money hard to make. But e dey very easy to spend, work for 30 days to make small money like this. 30 minutes o tin a taan! Or less sef wetin you dey talk.

    So I've been reading this book by Richard Templer, The Rules of Wealth, and I'll make reference to rule number nine. It says, “Decide what you want money for”. This is profound cuz it becomes a driving force, which even though your working environment or where you are is stressful. Persevere. Okay. Just to be clear, now, there are certain working environments that you have to leave, but of course we have to learn to be tenacious, you know, cope with things you get Yeah.

    Jingoza, What do you want money for? Shey me? Ha. I want to haff money so I can jaiye ori mi and not be working with my Oga Tasiu, that man dey stress me. Oh. Oh, that's, that's nice. Yeah. For me it's, it's basically divided into three things. Number one is wanting to afford all I want and all I need. I don't want stress.

    Number two, being able to provide for my family, friends, and, you know, other people that may need or require help and assistance from me.

    Lastly, to be able to have control over how I spend my time. Ugh, it's so profound for me.

    So now, now you, you are feeling yourself. Pele Aristotu, you shall not intimidation of me.

    Guy, calm down jor. Look ba, your reason for wanting wealth doesn't have to be like mine or Jingoza’s, think deeply about it cuz it's very essential to whether or not money will flow to you. The way the universe work is quite tricky.

    Ehen calm down. Sheyb you ask me that time that what happen that I am just fajuro that I am just tying my face. Eh, Yeah. Yeah, I did. I know I did. Sheyb you know, that me I used to play Surebet uh, you know, with my odds and everything… the one I've been warning you to stop doing abi? Whoa, whoa, whoa. Leave that one. Leave that one. Leave that one sha hear. What me I want to say, e get this guy Mutiu in our area.

    Omo kinkini, small boy is, uh, my friend oh Eyin ejoh that introduced the boy to betting. Omo yi kan fii 800 naaira play bayi. The boy win 38million, moni, Ha! Me that i've been playing this thing lati aye tipe tipe highest ti moti win ni surebet yasin! Ko ju one five lo. Mo de ti ma no boya bi six million. Ewo inu mi o dun o, the thing pain me gaan oh

     Okay. I, I think Jingoza, you know, what this basically brings to my mind is, um, the, the idea of luck, luck itself is a powerful force, but relying on it is setting yourself up for failure.

    You get lucky and you win the money. Do you have the knowledge to even keep the money? You know, this, this Mutiu guy you just said now, I just hope in the next two, two years is far. Maybe in the next one month or three months the money have not finished and then he's back to square one and all of that.

    So, luck is essential, but relying on luck to make your money is. Uh, well, I'm not hating on those that play sure bet, but good luck. Good luck.

    Another thing that comes to my mind was one time I invested in one crypto contract like that. Omo it sha ended in premium tears, my money gone. FIAM!

    So, they gba your Oju. You can say that. Well, why that happened was cuz I didn't take out time to study about the stuff. Currently I have money tied up in crypto, which is growing by the day.

    So what you're trying to tell me now is that before you put your money inside something, You must know about the something. Yeah. Yeah. Actually, actually that is it. Why most people lose their money is cuz one, they try to rely on luck and they don't have and proper knowledge of that thing that they are investing their money into. Having knowledge about what you're investing into is quite essential.

    Jingoza. Hmm. As in guy, I don do things, so another one that comes to my mind now is one that time, give away. This guy, he was like, Okay, he just came back from the Atlanta then or something that, Okay, he's a foreign exchange, until now, I still get all these people that are in Fx, cause of that guy, although, I'm not hating. So he was like, he's in foreign exchange and all of that on his status.

    On his status he was just doing give away, Omo guy, I just dey try, I no win o. I think on the last day of the giveaway, he was sha like, okay, people should send in money that he was going to help them double the money. And yes, at that time, I had 50K in my account, and I needed money, you know, to prepare for certain things. In my mind I was like should I send the 50k.

    If I send the 50k, it will become 100k. And then, you know, one mind was just saying, Okay, test this market. So I sha just put 2k. At least I'll get 4k. My brothers and sisters, I never see the money. Ori Iya e lo yo e. Your mother is the one that save you.

    Well, I'm just looking at it now I'm just even thinking of those that now put a lump sum, maybe a money they were supposed to use for something and then, Omo the money don go be that o. Ojukokro is not good o. Is ojukokoro that use to kill people. Is MMM that just come to my mind, but make I no talk because e fit makes some people start dey cry now . One thing wey me I dey do now like this is Ajor. Na that on sef dey help me wey be say when all this betting wey be say all the money just dey lost e no too dey pain me cos Baba Alajor when e come like this you understand?

    You know, that una go wait for salary. “Salary” small money. But we now, every day ni ojor 5k, 10k. So if Baba Alajor come we will just say okay take this one and then we plenty wey dey do am, and then by the time the month go end the money wey you go pack gaan sef.

    Yeso actually Jingoza, I myself, I'm into one too, and as I don't trust myself with money, that's just the best way to keep money.

    One thing I'd like to point out is diversification, like next year, like this Jingoza I'm going to become a farmer. I'm going into farming too. I still have my eight to five job, my podcast. And by the way, if you want to advertise your brand for shikini money… Ha! You wanto be talking it ni? Sheyb we have one audio you record that time? Oya! let’s play it…

    -     Oh hey. Before I forget, if you'd like to advertise your business, brand, event, product, or anything at all, you could reach me on Micheal.olaniyi@ayambalitcast.com, or you could send me a message on 0 8 0 8 3 3 4 3 8 4 1.

    All right, welcome back. So if you've been getting value from this podcast… Edakun! Come and do advertisement with us tori oloun... Jingoza! why e come be like, say you dey beg ni. Don't mind him. You don't have to feel pressured. But we would appreciate the support.

    Moving on. Another thing I would like to talk about is consistency and intensity. I think there's an episode I spoke about that. Go and listen to it. You all know Warren Buffet, and if you don't go Google him.

    He's one of the billionaires’’ in the world today. At some point, the richest man in the world, he started investing at a very young age from the 1940s and kept at it compounding interest. And today his network is 117 billion. Let me say it again 117 Billion. Billion, billion, billion.

    Did someone just asks what compound interest is? Well just say it's interest on the interest of your money. So lenu kan sha somebody that save 10,000 every month for 10 years. It's better that someone that is saving 50 K once in a year.

    Yeah, something like that. And then when it's put in accounts or an investment that allows the interest to compound, So say for example, you invest a thousand, let's say for example, most companies don't give that much interest. Let's say 10% interest, 10% of a thousand is hundred right? Yeah, it's a hundred now. Yeah. Yeah. It's a hundred now. Oh, I don't know Math. So, say after the first month, the money becomes what? 1000 and a hundred now then the next month. When interest is going to come, it's gonna be 10% on 1100, not 10% on that 1000 alone.

    Do you understand? And then it keeps going, Keeps going. Do the calculation yourself. Don't stress me.

    You know what? You know as you say compound interest. I think that pe, you are talking about fine girl in your compound that you have interest in ni o.

    No joor! Jingoza you are not serious. That's not, that's not what I meant. See where your mind go, Ah, guy! you be ashawo. Ehn, I gree, I be ashawo. Who no like woman go suffer jor

    -     So did I ever mention growing up with my grandma? I don't think I did. So something funny, not funny now, just exciting as this woman probably at the age of my late grandmother. She was with a girl by the way I was fetching water.

    -     She was like, um, in yoruba. She said, uh, shey mo shi je gbese, meaning am I still owing? Like, Okay. She gave the young girl her phone to check if she was still owing the network provider. And then the girl checked and then she said, e shi je gbese meaning she's still owing. And then the next thing she was going to reply with is alone Oloun oni jekin je gbese meaning God will not let me be debtor.

    -     Yeah. I don't even know why I'm saying this, but it just seemed exciting to me how we as people, we try to just look for a soft cushion and a landing for stuff and it's, it's amazing to see how that maybe when we get older that’s how we are going to be, I don't know.

    -     It was just exciting to me. And then I just thought to share with you, so yeah. Bye. I'm going to go and continue. Finish.


    Lastly, before we go, know the difference between short term, midterm and long-term investments, but by all means, think long term, biko invest in the day you're not going to be able to work again.

    Um, with this, we've come to the end of the episode today, I'm sure we were just rambling. And. Probably, uh, I don't know, but I, I hope you got a thing or two. But essentially, um, before I go, let me just give this word of encouragement. You might not have a million now, you might not, um, be where you'd like to be, but the truth is just keep trying.

    Just keep trying, try to put in the work. The one thing I've realized for myself, in fact, is some of us are actually too lazy to get the money or to be able to afford the kind of lifestyle we want, and then we tend to resort to all this vices and all this other nonsense things.

    By the way, you're not permitted to go into Yahoo Yahoo, You're not permitted to do any diabolical thing. You are smart enough to make those millions. You don't need any of those things. You don't need to cheat someone to make money. Cheating someone to make money is not good. And why? I said some of us are actually too lazy. It's cuz I, myself have been wanting to learn copywriting professionally, use it to make money.

    And then I realized that okay, I started a course on, um, contents, is it creation and content creation and marketing. Now for a couple of months, I've, I've just been reading and stopping reading and stopping. the knowledge I'm supposed to even get I've not gotten it. So that laziness is there.

    Alright. Sometimes we know what we are supposed to do but we don't just have that enough driving force. Yes, I do understand that in this part of the world, things can be stressful and it can get out of hand. But we've been surviving and we'll keep surviving. So I guess all I'm just saying is, um, keep trying, keep your head up.

    Trust me that money is going to come to you. Keep the mind of possibility. Don't go saying bad things and you know, I can't do this. I can't, don't go saying that to yourself. Yes. Yes. Don't do that. You understand? You see, Always have a mind of possibility. Possibility. Is the thing that… and you think that, But if, um, Continue, continue. I no talk again. I no talk again.

    Jingoza you are smoker. So, yeah. Yeah. So just, just have a mind of possibilities and trust me, everything is going to be fine. So with this, we've come to the end of the podcast today. Jingoza, Is there anything you'd like to say?

    No, no. You don talk everything wetin I wan talk? You want people to now say that this your Jingoza e dinor even have sense like you, don't worry. You have say everything. What he say gaan, Yes, exactly. Is what me too I am saying.

    All right guys, till next time E go be!

     Thank you very much for listening. If you enjoyed this, please do well to check us on all your podcast listening platforms. But for this month, I would like you to check us out on Podchaser. Podchaser. Podchaser just search The rave: Live, Love, Grow, and leave a comment. Leave reviews, leave a like, whatever. Be honest, but if you feel we're not doing a good job, just creative criticism.

     Thank you so much for listening. I love you.


    S2E13 - 16m - Oct 26, 2022
  • Progress or Pefection


    Hello. Hi, good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Welcome to the Rave a monthly podcast. Where I talk about topics that are geared towards living a productive life, loving ourselves as well as others, a bit more, and ultimately growing to become a better fashion of ourselves. The journey across and beyond will be thrown in once a while.


    It's basically me talking about random things in my life. It's more like bringing me closer to you. My name is Micheal Olaniyi, and if you will Mandrel Mykels, it's so lovely to have you join me. Other times I won't be doing this alone. I'll have other amazing people who would either anchor with me or will be interviewed.


    Anyways all the opinions shared on this podcast are majorly subjective. It's yours to do whatever you would with it, but majorly, I do hope you pick a thing or two. Welcome to the best days of our life.

    The beautiful thing about journey. If you can get this stuck in your brain and in your heart really is that this life is about progression, not perfection. I know culture sells as perfection. I know your parents may have wanted perfection from you. I know you've probably required perfection of yourself, but that is the wrong metric. This is about progression. How much did you move forward from yesterday?

    So someone reached out to me and said, I said, you know, you know, you know, you know, like 500 times, and then I listened and yeah, she was right, but in this podcast. I'll try to reduce or limit my use of, you know, you know, cuz it's my speech filler. I'll use speech filler. Maybe not even use any at all, but then I hope you enjoy today's podcast. You know, chow.

    By the way. Did you enjoy the last podcast? And if you did, let me know what you think about it, and if we should work on creating more, hello, you hope you had a productive wig.

    It's another time to gist today, we'll be looking at the concept of progress and perfection and seeing how they relate. Also, I'll be using some of my personal experiences to buttress some of the points. Don't forget to follow Ayamba Litcast on all your podcast listening platforms. There are other amazing podcasts that you would enjoy listening to and of course, follow yours truly The Rave: Live, Love, Grow.

    Let's start with what progress means. Simply putting its moving towards a desired destination or as the dictionary defines it, It is the advancement through series of events or points in time, developing through time. So progress is saying, I need a million I don't have it yet, but I will save a hundred thousand every month till I raise it.

     Okay, Let's talk about perfection. The dictionary defines it as being without fault or mistake its the level we wish to attain in our endeavors. And though it might be a good thing to aspire for, it does have its limitations. Perfection is I need 1 million. I will wait until I have 1 million before I do anything.

    Growing up, we've been taught to be perfect. Why didn't you get first position? Why didn't you bag a first class? Why didn't you this? Why didn't you that? we fail to acknowledge the progress we have made.

     So let's take a detour before I started The Rave, I have always wanted to, um, have a talk show since my service year when I worked with Grand Media, but I was always held back by the, what do I want to talk about? Will people listen? How do I distribute it? And you know, all that I wanting it to be perfect vibe.

    And then I realized that if I had started then and just grew, I would have been way ahead of where I am at the moment. I'm so grateful for where I am. I'm grateful for you, who is here listening. Anyways, fast forward. I joined, Ayamba Litcast as a sound engineer for podcast and the shows that we are being aired at that time.

    And all I had for editing was my phone. I remember how I would Google best apps for editing sound. I had like five different apps I used then one for cutting out unwanted places. One for converting from wave or M4a to MP3 another for adding sound another for adding effects. Like it was a stretch.Trust me.

    Now, why am I saying all of these? Imagine I had waited until I had my laptop, the needed software for editing, which I didn't get until two years or so later. The progress and the knowledge or skill I've acquired now I may not have had it. It's easy to say, oh, I can do this now, but what little steps did I take that got me here? Learn on the job. Well, except when you are flying a plane or you are medical doctor, don't learn on the job, please learn before the job.

    Anyways, when I started recording The Rave, that's the trailer I had just newly moved to Kaduna and I had to wait till 3:00 AM. When everyone was asleep to record my trailer and podcast, all I had again was my phone and my script. Am I saying it is wrong to aim for profession? Definitely. But waiting for perfection will leave you with so many regrets.

    Cuz perfection is seldom attained. There are a lot of factors that you can't control that will affect it. Way back when I uploaded my first YouTube video, I felt like a Don. Not because the video was perfect, but because I was making progress. The subsequent videos I uploaded had better qualities until work got the best of me.I think I should awake my channel again soon. What do you think?

    All right.

    “Quick one. Before we go on, repeat after me. It doesn't have to be perfect. I just have to make progress. It doesn't have to be perfect. I have to make progress and I will start from where I am”

    The Rave: Live, Love, Grow.


    Welcome back. I also need to balance this. You might be making progress but in the wrong direction. What do I mean, imagine I have a car, Amen. I have a car. Oh Lord. I receive it. “You don't know what is going on”. And I want to travel to Lagos. And then instead of putting my car in the direction that will get me to Lagos, I start off towards Katsina.

    I'm making progress. My car is moving after three to five years of making progress. Would I be happy with where I find myself? No, definitely not. You can use this to evaluate your job relationship, career and so on. It'll help you put things in perspective. Also what I'm not promoting is mediocrity.

    Sheyb they have already said that progress is far more important than perfection. Let me just do a as I see. “Ma freen, wee you keep kwayet?” No, abeg the main purpose of progression is that you grow as you journey. Take for example. Remember the first The Rave podcast you heard? Ehen now, before nko? has the sound quality or content's quality changed? The answer is most likely a big yes. Cause I've grown over the years and that is what I expect of you too.

    Put in your best at all endeavors until you attain what is called the peak in your career. Being perfect is beautiful, but making progress is way more beautiful. The basic way or more or less, the only way of attempting perfection or attempting to attain perfection is by making a move and progressing.

    So rather than complaining about how messed up things are and how they're meant to be going, as you have planned, look back and reflect on how much progress you have made. And commit to doing more. I know this sounds easier than it is actually, but guess what? You are strong, smart, and more than able to make things work out.

    Here's what you're going to do for me in the coming week. Set your mind to be more conscious of progression and pay less attention to perfection. Another thing you're going to do for me is what is that thing you've been meaning to start that you feel you don't have. Enough technical know how to do.


    If it's piloting, if it's doctoring, if it’s site engineering, plix, I dinor send you, what is that thing you've been meaning to do, push yourself to do it and please share with me. Feel free to tag me, or you could send me a DM on whatapp on this number 0 8 0 8 3 3 4 3 8 4 1. You could reach out to me on Facebook, Instagram, or via email micheal.olaniy@ayambalitcast.com or mandrelmykels@gmail.com. Micheal spelled M Y K E L S.

    I hope you've been able to pick a thing or two from today's, uh, podcast. I look forward to the amazing things you're going to set out to do in a couple of hours, days, months, and even years,

     The Rave: Live, Love, Grow.

    S2E2 - 9m - Sep 19, 2022
  • The Journey Across and Beyond (My Lagos Experience)

    Live, Love, Grow

    Hello, hi, good morning, good afternoon, good evening. 

    Welcome to The Rave, a monthly podcast where I talk about topics that are geared towards living a productive life, loving ourselves as well as others, a bit more, and ultimately growing to become a better version of ourselves. The journey across and beyond will be thrown in once a while.

    It's basically me talking about random things in my life. It's more like bringing me closer to you. My name is Micheal Olaniyi and if you will, Mandrel Mykels. It's so lovely to have you join me. Other times I won't be doing this alone. I'll have other amazing people who will either anchor with me or will be interviewed anyway.

    All the opinions shared on this podcast are majorly subjective. It's yours to do whatever you would with it. But majorly, I do hope you pick a thing or two, welcome to the best days of our life.

     Welcome to season two of The Rave. You will be listening to the Journey across and beyond, enjoy.

    The Journey Begins

    Hello, everybody. It's so lovely to have us back here. Oh God, it's been a while. I've missed every single one of you. And it's really lovely to be back today. And into today’s episode, as you heard from the intro it's going to be the journey across and beyond. And today I'll be talking about my journey or my trip to Lagos

    Hmm, Lagos, Lagos, Lagos oh, God Lord. Okay. Before I go into talking about Lagos, let me start. I'm going to walk you through all the process from how it started when I was in Kaduna down to when I…in fact, okay let’s just, lemme not even give you spoilers. Let me just start. Okay. So how many of us have that feeling that when you are about to travel, you are barely able to sleep.

    Like it goes, okay, let me not oversleep. And then, you know the sleep doesn't even come in fact and then you're just restless. That was me on the day supposed to travel to Lagos. Yeah. I've been to Lagos before, but then I was working in Ilorin, so it was not so much of a distance. And then I wasn't supposed to, it was a private I was going with, so yeah.

    So I was supposed to go with a luxurious bus. And then when I called and asked for the price Oh God. Ah, I was, I was amazed. 17 five. Okay, to some people 17 five might not be much, but to me at that point, it really was. Cos 17 five go and then you know, the journey within Lagos. Lagos is like a country within a country.

    Like, and then coming back again, that same 17 five. It was funny cos I had to call, I called with my airtel line and then I had to call with my MTN just to know, okay. Maybe that person didn't understand what I was asking. I called and he said the same thing. I was like, eh. As I called the park of bus, and then they were like 10 five, and then, ah, 10 five, I save seven.

    I would save, I think 7,000, right. As I went to Bus and then they told me, okay, I should get there by six and you know, okay. I didn't behave like a normal Nigerian, normal Nigerian person goes to places late. So, I got up as early as I think, four 30, although I didn't get to sleep really well, but I was up like four 30 and I, you know, I was out of the house, like getting a bike or a bus or something at that time was really, really hard. Like I stood there for over 45 minutes before I eventually got something and I got a bike and then, you know, we raced and then, you know, that kind of time a bike man is talking to you he says something and you are like Yeso my brother that's the way it is

    And then we rode, we got to the park on getting to the park. I was amazed to see that I was the only one in the park. My heart was broken. I was expecting to see that, okay, the boss is almost filled and then will be moving my people. I was there at 6:00, 6:30, 7:30, 8;30. Like we didn't get to leave the park until I think 11:45 or something.

    That's when we later left the park, since then I told myself in my life, I'm not going to go to the park early as long as it's a bus, I know the luxurious buses. I've never got the opportunity to, you know but I've family members that, you know, use it and then, you know, they leave at the time they say they're going to leave, but among the bus people… Huu! God almighty as in it was, it was, it was, it was, it was really amazing. Uh, so yeah, then this journey started and you know, I was squeezed cos of how skinny, okay. I'm not skinny because of how lepacious I am, I was in between two plum people.

    Ah, my God, it was an experience. And then, you know, how that they sat down. like okay it’s my personal car. I wanted to just yell like, go shift, you want to kee me. But of course I couldn't, I couldn't do that. Ah, dear Lord Lagos is far from Kaduna. Oh, Lrd I adjust my yansh, my bom bom, as in, you know, that kind you're sitting and then you are adjusting, you use the right butt cheek to sit, then you adjusting the left, butt cheek, and then you sit to shift front.

    As in that, that is how it was like, you know, the journey just kept going. And in my mind, I'm like, ah, Are we there yet cos okay. I think it was my first time, as I said earlier, of going to Lagos from Kaduna like, are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? like, oh good Lord. And then on the journey, you know, we got to pass through a lot of beautiful places.

    My brother, my sisters. Ha, when you're travelling and then you have, you know, ample money with you, you're trying to economise. That's when everything looks tasty, that's when everything looks affordable, seems affordable. I beg your pardon. Like, I, I, I was trying to, you know, minimise my spending.

    That's when, you know, the, suya people like the aroma just comes like Hmm. Or the eateries, you know, the biscuits, the chocolates, the sweets, and all of that. Everything just seemed like, Ugh, Micheal. Just take a bite, Mandrel. Just get your snack. It was, you know, funny, but then I didn't get to, you know, spend as much cos I already cooked.

    Yeah. I cook. Yeah. So I already cooked. So, you know whenever I feel tempted, although at some point let me nor lie I got something, but it was, it was minimal cause I already cooked. So, you know, when I was feeling really, really hungry, I just had what I had. Yeah. So. You know, it's, it's really nice when you are going somewhere and maybe you've not been there before.

    And of course you have people on the other end, but it's really nice. How that if you can get someone in the bus or in the car or in the luxury bus or in the plane? Well, plane. Okay. In the plane that, you know, knows where you're going to, that, you know, can help you get around. Like it was, that was the case for me.

    Stranger in a New Land

    I met this guy in the bus. You know, luckily for me, I can speak Hausa. So, you know, they were just conversing and okay. I just, yes, I did amebo, I heard their conversation. He said he was going to Ikorodu and for me I was also going to Ikorodu, so, you know, I just hitch along and then, you know, the beautiful thing about, you know, I dunno if he's going to get to listen to this but I want to say a big thank you to him.

    Like it was amazing cos you know, he took out of his time to take me to exactly my bus stop of where my people were going to come and get me. Like it was really fascinating for me. Like how that someone would be that selfless, you know, it was, it was awesome. Before we got to Lagos, I kept looking, looking, looking, okay, where's the guy, where's the guy. I just attach to him and all of that. And then, you know, it was just beautiful, the journey. And then he was, yeah, God bless you wherever you are. God bless you for me, I'm really, really grateful. Okay. So, uh, yeah. So one thing that happened on our way to Ikorodu was how that, I think the first was Ketu now, I can't really remember.

    I think it was Ketu that, um, from where we dropped, I think was he a Berger? I can't remember the name. I think we dropped at Berger and then, you know, um, get first go to Ketu. You know, I've never been there before, so my eye just shine and everything. And then the guy was just dozing off and I didn't know whether I should tap him or, or something.

    And then, you know, I didn't know the place. So when, when the driver stopped and then, you know, the guy was still sleeping in my mind, I'm like, okay, maybe we will still go further the driver yelled “esokale now” let's come down then. It was, it was just, it was just funny. And then that was like, okay, me starting to get the experience, you know of, uh Lagos. Yes. And then now to talk about my host, I must really give it to the Adedoyin’s. Yes. Um, Mr. And Mrs. Adedoyin, you guys are amazing, like you made my stay Lagos amazing. It was really, really beautiful how that you guys, you know, went out of your way.

    Ah, my people I eat, you need to see me when I came back from Lagos. Oh, I fresh. I even fat, but then now went to work again. I'm black. I'm not fine. Like when I like it was, it was amazing. I think it was in their place that I first saw diced chicken inside egg, like, uh, God, uh, Just sort of, oh God, I wanna go back.

    Like, yeah, the Adedoyins, I'm coming back soon. Like, it was really fun, you know, I'm really grateful and yes, they're my number one fan. Like in every episode they are people that comment the most. So, thank you guys so much.

    Yeah. So thank you so much. Big sis if you’re listening. I'm really grateful. Thank you for the support. Thank you for always sharing. I became the nanny for my nephew. Like it was so amazing that he didn't let his mom, like, he just, I think he forgot that his mom was there. I became his new mom, like, you know, taking care of him, everything.

    And then, you know, he's always coming to me wherever I was. He's always coming to meet me. And then I'm like, you people shuu come and carry your child, they'll come and carry him in the next five minutes. He's back. And then he just scattering everywhere, and, and it was, it was fun. At some point he made me feel like giving birth to my own child, but ha ha ha haha.

    Um, so yeah, my elder sister's husband was almost always busy, you know, he's um, a Coder, a programmer, anything I.T it's him and then Yihan, you know, it. their company that is coming up shortly. You know, one of the projects that is out currently okay. In the making, you know, is urgent 2k. Okay. Okay. I'm gonna give you the update in subsequent episodes or something, but you know, it's really beautiful to see people that go out of their way to see that, okay, you are comfortable and, you know, it was really nice.

    And then God, the bread I ate in Lagos God like it, it tasted different. I don't know why, but it was really nice. Really, really nice. So I enjoyed it. Okay. So, um, my highlights in Lagos were the few outings where I didn't. I didn't really get to go outside, cos I didn't know anywhere was, was the outings I had with my girlfriend.

    Those were really the highlights, although I didn't really get to experience hold up as much. Okay. Um, I did I, not really the, you know, the typical one hour to 2 hours, but I was lucky I didn't get to experience that cause I think, okay. We moved um, more with BRT and they had their dedicated lane.

    You know, Lagos is really, really nice, but my dear, if you're not strong, can’t live there, it's funny to see how people like they're chasing the bus. They're chasing, they're chasing the bus. Um, okay. They don't call it bus danfo. They're chasing the danfo and you know where I am here in Kaduna like, You can, when you stop the bus, they stop and then they will reverse and then you climb in like, I can't live in Lagos.

    So I beg oh, yes. Um, okay. I just mentioned my girlfriend frivolously. Yeah, that was the first time I was actually seeing her, you know, we’ve been online lovers so, um, partly the reason why I went to Lagos was, you know, to see her and make everything official. Okay. So you wanna hear the gist? I'll talk about it maybe in a subsequent episode of, um, the journey across and beyond, but let me just give a spoiler - she's the definition of heaven sent and answered prayers.

    In essence, what I'm trying to say now is I have journeyed out of single hood. So, yeah, that is, that, is that about, um, my trip to Lagos. Oh, yes, there was one part I forgot to mention. There was one lady, not a lady, like a woman. One of the fat people that compressed me in the bus. So she was like myself. She wasn't really sure of where she was going.

    So, you know, she had to make stops and all of that. And then, you know, she was just making a scene. The driver didn't know where she was going. And then when they called a different place, the person over the phone told the driver and then the driver took, she insulted the driver when he eventually, you know, it was quite late.

    I think I got too late or 5:00 AM ish. Was it five? I can't remember. I think three or so. I think it was three, three or so. And then, um, and then, okay. Yeah, when we, when we got to where she was, okay. She didn't get to where she was going to go that day. So they dropped her in the police. I think she was just insulting the driver.

    I would take your, take the car number of the car. I would tear out in my mind. I'm like, dude, just shut up. Okay. Sorry. I'm not supposed to say that, but that's what I said in my mind. Like, like what's the point? Okay. If you do what would now happen?

    So, um, that was it for me. Yes. And there's another thing I forgot to mention. Yes. Sorry, this podcast is not structured, so I'm just carrying everything. Like just talking. So , so you enjoy, you know, it's unlike the usual structured one, I have like, yes, the journey across and beyond is not going to be as structured as, you know, the, the Rave itself, you know, it's, as I said, the journey across and beyond is like an offset of The Rave this is just me basically telling you bits and chunks of things that are happening in my life. So yeah, there was a guy that, Hey, people I say in all your doings make sure that when you are going to tell the people to charge their phone very well o, tell them to charge their phone and you too charge your phone very well.

    In Retrospect

    So there was this guy, he was, I think it was also his first time in Lagos. And then, um, before we got there his phone died and luckily for him. He had written the person's number he was going to go and see on a piece of paper. So, um, we kept calling for him and then the number was switched off. I just imagine that you've not been somewhere before and the person who is supposed to get you their phone is off and your phone is off. Please. So, yeah, that's my piece of advice for you. Whenever you're travelling to a place, you don't know, make sure your phone is charged. And by all means, if you can travel, travel, explore, see places, you know, learn things like when I went to Lagos, I, I really learned, you know, I saw different people, you know, You know, the ruggedness of people in Lagos, you know, their tenacity, you know, it, it's beautiful, you know, especially their conductors, we call them agbero.

    Like it it's, it's beautiful and fascinating to see people that, you know, you know, saying like, why you dey look me, you know, it was, it was, it was. And, you know, I'm going to definitely visit Lagos very, very soon. Although, I don't intend to live in Lagos. Yeah.

    Even the thought itself is scary. I think I was just lucky enough not to have experienced hold up. Um, but you never know, maybe my next visit. No, God forbid the Holy ghost fire. I don't wanna experience it. So with this, I've come to the end of. The journey across and beyond for today. I hope you enjoyed listening, although I was rambling and repeating myself, but I hope you enjoyed it.

    And you learned a thing or two, I don't know. Was there any lesson to learn, but of course you must have learned something. Okay. So thank you so much for listening. Um, I'll see you in the next episode till next time. E go be.

    Thank you very much for listening. It was a joy having you around here today. I hope you were able to pick a thing or two.This was the journey across and beyond. If you'd like to get up close and personal you could add me up on Facebook @Micheal Mandrel Olaniyi or on Twitter and Instagram @Mandrel_Mykels. Mykels being spelt M Y K E L S.


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