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The Purely Anecdotal Podcast

The making of a business. Our documented journey as entrepreneurs. Hosted by David Crable and Keith Ferrier.


15 | Final Delivery
Show Details34min 39s
14 | Cancun Cruz
Show Details29min 43s
13 | From zero to double homicide in 54 seconds
Show Details44min 51s
12 | Why We Started A Podcast
Show Details26min 54s
11 | 600LB Life Lessons
Show Details38min 40s
10 | The Curious Case Of Hilaria Baldwin
Show Details35min 42s
9 | Dating Mistakes Women Are Making
Show Details49min 19s
8 | The Christmas Episode
Show Details43min 15s
7 | The Worst Social Media Posts
Show Details34min 56s
6 | How Not To Murder
Show Details40min 27s
5 | The Future of Electric Cars
Show Details52min 50s
4 | Trump's Elite Strike force Legal Team
Show Details58min 24s
3 | Battle of the biggest Trump flag.
Show Details1hr 4min
2 | Is The Matrix Movie A Transgender Allegory?
Show Details38min 12s
1 | The Curious Case of Mike Tirico
Show Details44min 49s