The Price of Fear

The Price of Fear is a horror/mystery radio serial. The host and star of the show was Vincent Price.

This show stands out in Price's radio career as some of the episodes are based on fictional adventures of Vincent Price himself, in which Price plays himself, while others have him merely introducing the macabre tale of the week. Twenty-two episodes were produced. Writing credits for the series include William Ingram, Stanley Ellin, Richard Davis, R. Chetwynd-Hayes, A. M. Burrage, Elizabeth Morgan, Rene Basilico, Roald Dahl and Price himself.


Price of Fear 83-07-04 (306) Is Anybody There
Show Details29min 25s
Price of Fear 83-06-27 (305) Not Wanted on Voyage
Show Details28min 46s
Price of Fear 83-06-20 (304) Out of the Mouths
Show Details27min 58s
Price of Fear 83-06-13 (303) Family Album
Show Details29min 31s
Price of Fear 83-06-07 (302) To My Dear Dear Saladin
Show Details29min 23s
Price of Fear 83-05-30 (301) Goody Two Shoes
Show Details29min 28s
Price of Fear 74-05-04 (205) An Eye for an Eye
Show Details28min 36s
Price of Fear 74-04-27 (204) Blind Man's Bluff
Show Details25min 26s
Price of Fear 74-04-20 (203) The Ninth Removal
Show Details29min 47s
Price of Fear 74-04-13 (202) Specialty of the House
Show Details28min 39s
Price of Fear 74-04-06 (201) Come as You Are
Show Details28min 40s
Price of Fear 73-11-17 (110) Guy Fawkes Day
Show Details28min 35s
Price of Fear 73-10-27 (109) Soul Music
Show Details28min 38s
Price of Fear 73-10-20 (108) Fish
Show Details29min 24s
Price of Fear 73-10-13 (107) Waxwork
Show Details28min 47s
Price of Fear 73-10-06 (106) Lot 132
Show Details25min 50s
Price of Fear 73-09-29 (105) The Man Who Hated Scenes
Show Details28min 28s
Price of Fear 73-09-22 (104) Meeting in Athens
Show Details27min 40s
Price of Fear 73-09-15 (103) Cat's Cradle
Show Details28min 7s
Price of Fear 73-09-08 (102) William and Mary
Show Details29min 20s
Price of Fear 73-09-01 (101) Remains to Be Seen
Show Details28min 11s