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The Power Of Being You l Holistic Healing

My favorite activity in life is contemplating. There is nothing I love more then to (attempt to) solve the mysteries of life, ask myself the big questions and let life guide me to the answers.

With this podcast I'd like to take you with me in my contemplations. I'm on a journey of healing, embracing all aspects of myself and learning how to express myself fully, all so I can live my life to the fullest. To meet life with open arms, embrace all it has to offer me and have fun along the way (mostly because I laugh at myself and the messy human I am).

In this podcast I share with you about the different tools I use for healing and self-reflection (like the wisdom of the sky; astrology and gene keys), I unpack different perspectives and ideas of life so we can let go of our minds tendencies to grip and make sense of life and I hope to inspire you to open your heart to the mystery of life.

With love,



#18; Reframing Surrendering: An active choice to open your heart
Show Details40min 13s
#17; Life is your mirror: Astrology & Inner Self-Reflection
Show Details38min 23s
#16; How to detach from the outcome
Show Details35min 35s
#15; Why you never take the first step
Show Details22min 28s
#14 How to unlock the flow of Abundance in your life
Show Details33min 7s
#13 Why resistance is your best friend
Show Details36min 8s
#12 Embracing the feeling of being lost
Show Details29min 24s
#11; Honoring your struggle
Show Details28min 49s
#10; How to let go of attachment
Show Details36min 57s
#9; How to take aligned and inspired action
Show Details45min 34s
#8; Why you never go backwards in your progress
Show Details40min 26s
#7 Reframing Discomfort
Show Details26min 30s
#6 How to get clarity; Getting out of a funk and back into flow
Show Details32min 13s
#5 How to change your beliefs
Show Details32min 31s
#4; How to let go of overthinking
Show Details33min 39s
#3; Building faith in times of fear and uncertainty (bonus)
Show Details37min 12s
#2; It all starts with a decision. The #1 thing that fast forwarded my journey
Show Details37min 38s
#1; Universal Guidance, Synchronisaties and Following your own path
Show Details28min 58s