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The Power Narrative

Welcome to The Power Narrative, a weekly spiritually based podcast with messages designed to bring Awareness Inspiration and Motivation through the power of story.


The Best of The Power Narrative Vol. 1 pt.1
Show Details9min 35s
Power Narrative Amp Hour Edition Chapter 7
Show Details26min 37s
Vol. 2 Chapter 25 Where's My Assignment
Show Details23min 20s
Vol. 2 Chapter 24: Lost In Translation
Show Details24min 46s
Vol 2. Chapter 23: Location, Location, Location, Location
Show Details18min 8s
Power Narrative Amp Hour Edition Chapter 6
Show Details28min 24s
Vol 2. Chapter 22: The Re-Write
Show Details18min 20s
Vol. 2 Chapter 21: Is your Foundation Sound?
Show Details15min 24s
Vol. 2 Chapter 20: The Courage to Continue
Show Details16min 33s
Power Narrative Amp Hour Edition Chapter 5
Show Details20min 23s
Vol. 2 Chapter 19 In Spite of Me & the Outcome of the Storm
Show Details12min 45s
Vol. 2. Chapter 18 The Power of Living by Intention
Show Details17min 52s
Vol. 2 Chapter 17: In Spite of Appearances
Show Details13min 39s
Vol. 2 The Best of the Amp Hour Edition
Show Details19min 59s
Vol. 2 Chapter 16 Cut Unhealthy Tradition with Intention
Show Details16min 56s
Vol. 2 Chapter 15 To Be Great Uncomplicate
Show Details18min 59s
Vol. 2 Chapter 14 Lifestyle or Trend?
Show Details14min 16s
Vol. 2. Amp Hour Edition Chapter 4
Show Details29min 11s
Vol. 2: Quick Shout Out!
Show Details9min 54s
Vol. 2 Chapter 13: Look into It
Show Details12min 30s
Vol. 2 Chapter 12: You Betta' Reocgnize
Show Details12min 49s
Vol. 2. Chapter 11: Soul Search
Show Details10min 22s
Vol. 2 Amp Hour Edition Chapter 3
Show Details23min 21s
Vol. 2 Chapter 10: Origins- Attack of the Clones
Show Details14min 15s
Vol. 2 Chapter 9 When to Unsubscribe
Show Details15min 54s
Vol. 2 Chapter 8: Tied in K-Nots
Show Details14min 23s
Vol. 2. Chapter 7 Watch Your Mouth & Consider the Source
Show Details15min 29s
Vol. 2 Chapter 6: The Bigger Picture
Show Details13min 16s
Vol. 2 Amp Hour Edition Chapter 2
Show Details27min 44s
Vol. 2 Chapter 5: Trial Periods
Show Details13min 46s
Vol. 2 Chapter 4: Wake Up Calls
Show Details15min 1s
Vol. 2 Amp Hour Edition Chapter 1
Show Details31min 10s
Vol. 2 Chapter 3: Shut Down? or Update & Restart
Show Details21min 41s
Vol. 2 Chapter 2: Troubleshooting
Show Details11min 33s
Vol. 2 Chapter 1: Re-Introductions
Show Details15min
What's on the Horizon
Show Details6min 3s
Chapter 17: What's the Hold Up?
Show Details22min 57s
Chapter 16: Pick Up the Pieces
Show Details14min 52s
Chapter 15: Release the Hold
Show Details14min 33s
Chapter 14: Unlock the Power of Resilience
Show Details20min 58s
Chapter 13: You Reap What You Sow
Show Details13min 36s
Chapter 12: The Trivial Pursuit of Happiness
Show Details11min 53s
Chapter 11: Present in the Aftermath
Show Details15min 21s
Chapter 10: Celebrating Difference
Show Details13min 29s
Chapter 9: Stuck with a Stigma
Show Details13min 8s
Chapter 8: See & Say
Show Details18min 59s
Chapter 7 pt.2: A lie told & A lie believed
Show Details21min 25s
Chapter 7 pt.1: A lie told & A lie believed
Show Details18min 43s
Chapter 6: The Balancing Act
Show Details19min 18s
Chapter 5: Check Your Power Bill
Show Details15min 44s
Chapter 4 How to take an L
Show Details15min 31s
Chapter 3 Put Out the Recycle
Show Details14min 2s
Chapter 2: What's the Point?
Show Details19min 9s
Proper Introductions
Show Details2min 3s
Chapter 1: The Brick, The Snake & the Bull
Show Details9min 51s