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The Phoebs Lyle Podcast

Hi there! And welcome to The Phoebs Lyle Podcast! I’m Phoebs.

This is your go to place for listeners who are interested in news and discussions around a range of subjects — from Film, TV, Theatre, Concert and Conference reviews, as well as Accessible Tourism Reviews, Politics and Technology.

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16. Reactions to WWDC22: Is iOS16 Accessible Enough and What Are My Thoughts About Apple’s M2 Macs?
Show Details21min 21s
15. Should E-Games Be Considered as an Equivalent for Disabled Sport?
Show Details13min 4s
14. Blue Badges Removed as Acceptable Voting ID / Anlan Neck Massager Review
Show Details16min 41s
13. Politics Made Simple Part 8: What are the Top Issues People Will Be Voting for in Northern Ireland’s #AE22?
Show Details13min 49s
12: What is the Difference Between Loyalism, Unionism, Republicanism, Nationalism and Neither?
Show Details9min 26s
11. Politics Made Simple Part 6: What are Northern Ireland’s Other Political Parties?
Show Details19min 5s
10. Politics Made Simple (The Northern Election Part 5): What is the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland?
Show Details13min 1s
9: Politics Made Simple (Northern Ireland’s Assembly Election Part 4): What is The UUP?
Show Details13min 6s
8. Politics Made Simple (The Northern Ireland Assembly Election) Part 3: What is the SDLP?
Show Details11min 4s
7. Politics Made Simple (The Northern Ireland Assembly Election) Part 2: What is Sinn Fein?
Show Details13min 17s
6. Politics Made Simple (The Northern Ireland Assembly Election) Part 1: What is The DUP?
Show Details11min 28s
5. The Grand Opera House's Rebuild Part 2
Show Details17min 8s
4. School of Rock @ The Grand Opera House, Belfast, Review
Show Details10min 8s
3. The Grand Opera House, Belfast Rebuild Review Part 1
Show Details8min 8s
2. Six The Musical at The Grand Opera House Review
Show Details10min 44s
1. BBC Ghosts Series 3 Review
Show Details10min 35s
HND Broadcast Journalism Radio Module: With More Shootings, Should US Gun Laws Change? Plus an Interview with Patience Bradley
Show Details1hr