Is the Money in Your Pocket Counterfeit? - Ep 962

56m | May 23, 2024

During an unexpected podcast episode from The Bahamas, Peter Schiff discusses the significant breakout in silver prices, reaching the highest since 2013, and the new record highs in gold. He elaborates on central banks' preference for gold over silver and the retail selling trend, emphasizing an opportunity to buy both metals after a correction. Schiff points out the ineffectiveness of the Fed's statements and actions on the true value of gold and silver, suggesting that prices will rise regardless of rate cuts. He uses historical experiences and the transition from real silver coins to nickel-clad copper as an example of government devaluation of currency. Schiff highlights the potential in buying physical silver, especially 'junk silver', for its barter value and the current low premiums as an investment opportunity. He also touches on the importance of investing in gold and silver mining stocks, recommending professional guidance for navigating the sector.

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