The Personal Growth Podcast

This is the podcast that helps you to become a better version of yourself and helps to create the life you desire. where I'll (Nidhi patel) discuss my personal journey of growth. We'll cover relationships, health, emotions, mindset, confidence, entrepreneurship, money, and all other parts of being human. The mission of this podcast is to help you get just one percent better every day. So consider this your action-packed daily dose of inspiration.


4: Use these 7 effective ways to calm your anxiety naturally
Show Details11min 52s
3: 6 Things I'll never ever regret doing in my life.
Show Details10min 16s
2: 8 Small habits that can completely change your life in a year
Show Details24min 18s
1: I decided to try new things every single day for a month and here's what happened
Show Details13min 14s
Show Details1min 36s