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About the Show:

Anna Carey (she/her: @mulberryterrace/Letters from Mulberry Terrace) and Sara Pyle (she/her/they/them: @cyranoh_) talk about parenting, politics, media, and culture, and how they all connect in a changing world.

About the Hosts:

Anna and Sara are both parents (Anna's daughter Beans is under 2; Sara's daughter Chips is 6) hoping to raise their kids into creative, caring adults. Both have degrees in library science with a focus on kids, families, and teens.

Anna lives in Toronto, Canada, and in addition to the above is also a virtual assistant and workplace efficiency consultant as well as a certified-but-not-practicing doula and prenatal educator, and her approach to all her work is always specific to individual circumstances and needs; she believes we owe it to one another to be generous and radically kind, and to solve the problems that actually exist, not just the ones that seem most approachable. Anna writes a mostly-weekly newsletter about parenting, life, community, and hope entitled Letters from Mulberry Terrace.

Sara is a born-and-bred Oklahoman with a background in language arts education and a knack for customer service. Sara currently works in fraud analysis for a regional bank chain and spends most of the week writing, hanging out with Chips, and running tabletop RPGs for friends. Sara's a big believer in local politics, in being excellent to each other, and in doing what you can with what you have where you are. Sara reads voraciously and widely, and is more likely than not to be on Twitter at any given time. 

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