Season Five Finale; UFO & ET Edition

Season 5 | Episode 101
1h 20m | Aug 22, 2023

3 questions that I asked at the beginning of the season were:

What is it?

Who is doing it?

and, What do they want?

With every passing day, Disclosure becomes more of a reality. We may have some very real answers before too long. For now, we can only conclude based on the information available to us. The stories of sightings and abduction. Credible witnesses and whistleblowers. One example after another that we are being deceived, despite what our eyes are seeing and what we are experiencing. Despite what has been captured on camera and seen on radar.

I have spent the past six months exploring the numerous aspects of this phenomenon. I have spoken with experts, researchers and investigators in the field. I have heard from experiencers.

Today, I piece it together for myself based on our investigation. I am surprised at where I arrived on parts of my final conclusion, but satisfied to have arrived at all and ready to share my answers to those 3 questions.

Whether I am accurate or completely incorrect, we'll know for certain if and when Disclosure is truly upon us. All we CAN know for certain at this point in time is;

UFO's are real. And we are not alone...

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