21.) The History of Cielo Drive

49m | May 19, 2022

Every year, decade, & generation... human history seems to have a significant occurrence that is remembered by the world. Whether it is war, biohazard outbreaks, societal conflicts, mass genocides... the list goes on. In this case, we take aim on the late-1960s. Many things were happening, both good & bad. One of those bad things, however, happened to be Charles Manson & his cult... The Family. While the rap sheet on the Manson Family is quite large, we will be focusing on a specific & tragic event that took place within the area surrounding Cielo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA. Many may know of this story as "The Sharon Tate Murders".

Join us & our guest, David Oman, as we skim through the history of Cielo Drive & what it was like to live amongst The Manson Family. David shares with us his personal accounts of the cult members & the events that followed their heinous actions. This episode is part one of three in our first ever mini-series. So... let us groove back to the summer of 1969 & hear the stories from Cielo Drive...

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