Sly and the Family Stone Really Was a Family Affair

Season 17 | Episode 3
19m | Mar 10, 2022

Sly and the Family Stone did more than just write "Family Affair" -- they lived it. On Episode 3 of The Opus: There's a Riot Goin On, we dive into the family dynamics of the band and similar relationships throughout music history.

There were actually four Stone relatives in the Family Stone: siblings Sly, vocalist/guitarist Freddie, vocalist/pianist Rose, and background singer Vet. While their tensions were nothing compared to, say, Oasis, there were clashes. That went double for the non-blood related Family members, especially during the period that birthed There's a Riot Goin On.

In this episode of The Opus Season 17, host Jill Hopkins welcomes Summer of Soul producer Joseph Patel and music journalist/editor of Braxton Family Values to look at the Stone siblings' place in the pantheon of relatives making music together, the pros and cons of creating and doing business with family, and why sometimes it works better than others.

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Original music by Tony Piazza.

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