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The Ops of Design

Design Operations helps designers become more effective, frees them up to do their best work, while collaborating with their product partners in more successful ways. Red and Brian discuss with guests key understanding, skills, and mindsets to solve the challenges facing design teams and organizations. This podcast is valuable for designers at every stage of their careers. It is also for design teams of every size, even the design team of one. It is also useful for product engineers and product managers in understanding how they can align with and support the maturity of design.


DesignOps Summit 2020 Day 3
Show Details56min 27s
DesignOps Summit 2020 Day 2
Show Details1hr 10min
DesignOps Summit 2020 Day 1
Show Details49min 3s
Why did we start the podcast?
Show Details46min 46s
What is Design Ops?
Show Details40min 40s