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The Number 10 Podcast

On the field, the number 10 is typically considered to be the playmaker on the pitch. On the Number 10, host Logan Agin talks about the most important things that happened the week before in Major League Soccer, and U.S. Soccer.


45. Latest Transfer News, USMNT Opens up 2021, CBA talk, and more
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44. USWNT kicks of 2021, Morris to Swansea, USL season layout announced, and more!
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43. Armas to Toronto, NWSL Draft, Maccario to Lyon and more!
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42. CBA negotiations, NT Camps, Moves happening everywhere, and much more
Show Details11min 1s
41. A Look-back at the NWSL in 2020 with Abigail Gerken
Show Details28min 24s
40. A 2020 USWNT Round-Up
Show Details17min 55s
39. Premier League Festive Period with Total Screamers
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38. Columbus Crew win MLS Cup, McKennie wins USMNT POTY, how the offseason works, and more.
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37. MLS Cup Preview, Americans Abroad find the back of the net and more
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36. MLS Cup Playoffs, USMNT Camp, Kelly O'Hara moves to DC, and more!
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35. 25 Years of Major League Soccer with Diego Gutiérrez
Show Details33min 10s
34. The Sleeping Giant of Indian Football with Praketh Reddy
Show Details40min 13s
33. What the heck is happening in the MLS Cup Playoffs? PLUS USWNT dominates the Netherlands
Show Details19min 15s
32. USWNT announces friendly, COVID sidelines LAFC and Inter Miami stars, USMNT scores 6 on Panama, and more
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31. NWSL Expansion Draft, USMNT is Back, MLS moves into Playoff
Show Details9min 4s
30. USMNT Roster talk, NWSL Expansion Draft, Decision Day, and much more
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29. MLS moves to PPG, Americans Abroad make history, NWSL expansion draft rules, and more
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28. Dunn to the Thorns, Supporters Shield drama, and more
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27. The Science and Art of Sports Psychology with Stuart Singer
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26. Caden Clark makes a splash, Toronto and the Union clinch, and more COVID-19 postponements.
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25. Olsen out,, USWNT Camp announced and more
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24. San Diego Loyal take a stand, Mewis opens her Man City account and more
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23. Jake Rauchbach joins the show to talk about sports mindfulness
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22. Nations League Suspended, Aaronson to Salzburg, Heber out, and more
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21. Phase 2 Begins, Brad Smith Returns, Kamara moves, and more
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20. USWNT takes over England, LAFC struggles, Phase 2 schedule, and more
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19. Armas & Martinez out, Sam Mewis starts for City, Toronto FC's streak ends, and more
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18. Barry Rice joins the pod and talks MLS, player development, and more
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17. Pulisic in the #10?, Americans making moves, and more
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16. The10(X) Biggest Things Happening with Soccer in the United States
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15. MLS is Still here
Show Details4min 21s
14. MLS is Back! Semifinals Recap & PORvORL Final Preview
Show Details6min 52s
13. MLS IS BACK! And then there were four
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12. Onto the Quarterfinals
Show Details9min 30s
11. MLS is Back! Group Stage wrap-up
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10. Welcome to the Golden Episode
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9. MLS is Back! The Madness Continues
Show Details13min 56s
8. MLS is Back! Highlights from the first week.
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7. We Have Games! PLUS Preview to Final NWSL Group Stage Matches
Show Details10min 15s
6. MLS is Back! Group F Breakdown PLUS FC Dallas Withdraws from the tournament
Show Details9min 36s
5. MLS is Back! Group E Breakdown PLUS: NWSL Challenge Cup & more positive tests
Show Details9min 51s
4. MLS is Back! Group D Breakdown PLUS NWSL Update & Covid hits the Bubble
Show Details9min 31s
3. MLS is BACK! Group C Breakdown PLUS NWSL Challenge Cup
Show Details8min 40s
2. MLS is Back! Group B Breakdown
Show Details8min 6s
1. MLS is Back! Group A Breakdown
Show Details10min 18s