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Welcome to The NRL Rewind

Weekly NRL podcasts from rugby league fans for rugby league fans. We cover all things happening in the NRL including game previews, reviews and go through all news for the week.

We will also be going through NRL Supercoach for any fantasy players to looks at the players to target, avoid and recap our weekly league to share some laughs.

When we are not covering current topics we will be talking about some historical games, players and moments or we will attempt to look into the future to predict what we think will happen in the great game of rugby league.

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NRL Rewind Round Six Review
Show Details44min 17s
NRL Round 6 Team List Tuesday Reactions
Show Details1hr 13min
NRL Rewind Round Five Review
Show Details48min 2s
NRL Round 5 Team List Tuesday Reactions
Show Details28min 32s
NRL Rewind Round Four Review
Show Details1hr 7min
NRL Round 4 Team List Tuesday Reactions
Show Details1hr 17min
NRL Rewind Round Three Review
Show Details1hr 6min
NRL Round 3 Team List Tuesday Reactions
Show Details1hr 11min
NRL Rewind Round Two Review
Show Details51min 8s
NRL Round 2 Team List Tuesday Reactions
Show Details56min 52s
NRL Rewind Round One Review
Show Details1hr 7min
NRL Rewind 2021 Season Predictions
Show Details17min 13s
NRL Rewind Supercoach Classic Round 1 Team
Show Details10min 17s
NRL Team List Tuesday Reactions
Show Details28min 34s
NRL Supercoach Cash Cows
Show Details26min 26s
NRL Rewind Supercoach Final Centre Draft Rankings
Show Details14min
NRL Rewind Supercoach Final Second Row Draft Rankings
Show Details11min 25s
NRL Rewind Supercoach Final Front Row Draft Rankings
Show Details11min 9s
NRL Rewind Supercoach Final Halfback Draft Rankings
Show Details12min 42s
NRL Rewind Supercoach Final 5/8 Draft Rankings
Show Details14min 14s
NRL Rewind Supercoach Final Hooker Draft Rankings
Show Details16min 16s
NRL Rewind Supercoach Final Fullback Draft Rankings
Show Details22min 9s
Penrith Panthers Season Preview
Show Details17min 34s
Melbourne Storm Season Preview
Show Details16min 19s
Parramatta Eels Season Preview
Show Details15min 3s
Sydney Roosters Season Preview
Show Details14min 14s
Canberra Raiders Season Preview
Show Details10min 54s
My NRL Supercoach Draft Lottery Instant Reactions- Pick 10
Show Details10min 48s
South Sydney Rabbits Season Preview
Show Details12min
NRL Supercoach 1st Round Draft Chaos
Show Details7min 23s
Newcastle Knights Season Preview
Show Details10min 31s
Cronulla Sharks Season Preview
Show Details11min 2s
NRL Supercoach Centre Reactions
Show Details36min 31s
NRL Supercoach Second Row Reactions
Show Details30min 52s
NRL Supercoach Front Row Reactions
Show Details25min 12s
NRL Supercoach 5/8 Reactions
Show Details24min 57s
NRL Supercoach Halfback Reactions
Show Details28min 22s
NRL Supercoach Hooker Reactions
Show Details21min 38s
NRL Supercoach Fullback Reactions
Show Details26min 4s
Gold Coast Titans Season Preview
Show Details13min 41s
New Zealand Warriors Season Preview
Show Details10min 13s
West Tigers Season Preview
Show Details10min 58s
St George Illawara Dragons Season Preview
Show Details11min 6s
Manly Sea Eagles 2021 Season Preview
Show Details10min 44s
North Queensland Cowboys 2021 Season Preview
Show Details10min 37s
Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs 2021 Season Preview
Show Details10min 1s
Brisbane Broncos 2021 Season Preview
Show Details9min
The NRL Rewind- The Pilot
Show Details42s