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The Nostalgic Vagabond

Join me, Allan Hill (the Nostalgic Vagabond) for weekly one-hour~ish talks with unique and interesting travellers / adventurers who Zoom-in from all around the world. In conversation, we share compelling personal stories of trial, triumph and sometimes tribulation from journeys, exploring this world and its cultures, languages and landscapes. None of us claim to be experts, we aren't pros necessarily, we are regular people just like you. We decided to say, “YES!” Decided to step outside our comfort zone and have a go at creating our own journey, going our own way. You also don't have to be an expert or professional, all you need is to say, “Yes!” Commit. And go on your own journey – your own way. You can be a traveller too! Hey - Maybe travel could help you discover, your best you. And you can also follow me, @thenostalgicv


Accessible Travel
Show Details54min 16s
Beer Trips
Show Details47min 6s
How To Be an Expat
Show Details55min 38s
Remaining Travel-Positive in Pandemic Times
Show Details52min 2s
A Life-Changing Trip to Australia
Show Details58min 39s
Is Travel a Better Education or Uni?
Show Details44min 55s
An Italian-Style Sea-Change?
Show Details52min 3s
Crazy Canadians Part Two - Bike Hike for Charity
Show Details1hr 10min
Crazy Canadians Part One - A Bike Hike Across the Nation
Show Details1hr 4min
Real F@&kin' Travel Talk – No Fluff! No Filters!
Show Details1hr
How to Use the Great Outdoors - Stay In Balance
Show Details54min 14s
Podcast Recap + Personal Vagabond Tales
Show Details35min 55s
Road Bogans - The Island of Ireland
Show Details1hr 14min
Teaching Abroad in A Pandemic
Show Details1hr 3min
Busting Rumours in North Korea
Show Details59min 56s
How to Find That Dream Hostel
Show Details1hr 1min
Off-the-Beaten-Track Adventures
Show Details57min 35s
International Travel - An American Student's Perspective
Show Details52min 44s
One Hungary Girl Trekking in the Himalayas
Show Details55min 37s
A HitchHiker's Guide to Africa - in the 90's
Show Details1hr 2min
From London to China - A Journey by Train
Show Details1hr 7min
How to be Successful in Couples Travel
Show Details1hr 27min
Archaeology - 3 Interesting Places My Work Has Taken Me
Show Details56min 3s
Couchsurfing at Home, and Abroad
Show Details58min 58s
How to Be Your Best Traveller
Show Details53min 33s
2020 is over - Bring on 2021
Show Details8min 30s
How Life Changes - When We Go Through the Ages
Show Details1hr 3min
Xtra! Xtra!! - Xmas Special
Show Details1hr 7min
From Marysville to Toronto - Travel Pushes You to Grow
Show Details1hr 6min
Be Organised, if You Can - But You May Require an Alternate Plan
Show Details50min 30s
Round the World From Paris to Rome - Roxy's Story Since She Left Home
Show Details1hr 3min
Travel Makes ME! - Someone I Want to be / Ought to BE
Show Details1hr 10min
Don't Need a Complex Plan - Long-term Travel with Richard Ozanne
Show Details55min 55s
Try Living/Working Abroad - Bet Like Monique You'll Never Get Bored
Show Details1hr 1min
When One Travels to Places Afar - Best to See Things As They Are
Show Details53min 44s
'Work Away' - Can I Get a Yay? Or a Nay?
Show Details56min 3s
The USA and Life-changing Journeys - Ears Open For Some Funny Stories
Show Details1hr 2min
Boat, Bus, Plane or Train - Global Travel, So Much to Gain
Show Details1hr 3min
Sorted Your Work/Life Balance Yet? Do You Need a Reset?
Show Details48min 8s
Assimilation in a New Country - Listen to Jacqui From County Kerry!
Show Details54min 55s
Southern to Northern Hemisphere - Dive In, Have No Fear
Show Details57min 20s
Travel to Every Continent - What an Accomplishment!
Show Details43min 30s
Thinking Road Trips - Listen to These Tips!
Show Details52min 34s
Consider Before You Depart - Your Life Can Be Your Art (part 2)
Show Details45min 24s
Consider Before You Depart - Your Life Can Be Your Art (part 1)
Show Details49min 43s
Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder - Something You Ever Wonder?
Show Details35min 39s
Talk About a Travel Career - This You Gotta Hear!
Show Details53min 45s
Stand Up Comedy and the Roadshow - Daniel Connell's in the Know
Show Details45min 10s
Finding Your Place - It Helps to Start with a Base
Show Details53min 49s
Working in Hostels and Teaching Abroad - Traveller Lifestyle that Pays Your Board
Show Details55min 32s
From California to the Trans-Siberian Railway - Travel Tips from the Legend that is Jay
Show Details42min 30s