#6 Live at the The 100 Club

Season 1 | Episode 9
1h 14m | Mar 3, 2023

In this final episode of season one, Andrew, Nav and Mayisha reflect on the amazing people they have met in the course of making this podcast, before we descend the steps of London's iconic 100 Club for a special live episode. Plus, Nav gives us the inside scoop on a special protest that disrupted Boohoo's greenwashing fashion event.

In our live show, Andrew sits down with Burmese academic and human rights activist, Dr Maung Zarni, to discuss the latest situation in Myanmar where people are taking up arms against the military dictatorship, and then speaks with Dr Antony Stewart & Aïda Roumer from the Haiti Support group about Western imperialism and garment worker protests in Haiti. Finally the show wouldn't be complete without a little comedy from our host, Andrew O'Neill, upcoming comedian, Sunjai Arif and the legendary Mark Thomas.

References in this episode:

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