Rana Plaza 10 Years On

42m | Apr 30, 2023

24th April marked the 10th anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse, an incident of industrial homicide that found global fashion brands complicit in the deaths of well over 1000 garment workers and which left thousands more with life changing injuries.

No Sweat has been commemorating this tragic event as part of the Rana Plaza Solidarity Collective, holding a series of protests and events throughout the month.

In this episode Andrew speaks with Nav about her recent trip to Bangladesh where she visited the site of the collapse and met with trade union leaders and workers to discuss how we can support them. Then we head to Toynbee Hall for a live discussion with Mayisha and the TUC's Afzal Rahman about what actually happened on that fateful day, and what has been done since to stop it from ever happening again.

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