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The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Audio Drama

From the imagination of Tim Burton, comes "The Nightmare Before Christmas" in the form of an audio drama, fully immersing every listener into the world of Halloween Town. Follow Jack Skellington and his spiral into obsession with Christmas, with more than scary results.

Date TBD

Directed & Adapted By: Michael A. Dinan

Broadwayman23...... Jack Skellington

Thea Solone...... Sally

Presto Pasta...... Dr. Finklestein, The Mayor, Lock, Various roles

Bumbl3bee...... Shock, Various roles

Michael A. Dinan...... Barrell, Various Roles

Zharth...... The Oogie Boogie Man, Various roles

Shane Davis...... Santa Claus

(PLEASE NOTE: The following Audio Production is a fan-made project, & is made as a tribute to the 1993 film. No one involved within this production was paid, and is volunteer only. Also, no one involved holds any rights to "The Nightmare Before Christmas", the production, the original movie, & anything connected to the IP in anyway is owned by Walt Disney Pictures & Touchstone Pictures. The following content & other works on this channel fall under FAIR USE, and & SECTION 107 OF THE COPYRIGHT ACT.)


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Nightmare Teaser: Jack's Lament (Performed by Broadwayman23)
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The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Audio Drama Trailer
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