The Bridgewater Triangle - Ch. 1 (The Origins)

18m | Oct 3, 2022
The BooPod Collaboration is finally here!  Halloween month is a special time of year where everyone gets a free pass to act strange, weird and downright bizarre, but we like it that way.  Scary stories are also a staple for many of us and they are even better when some have a bit of truth to them.  To start off your frightful month of fun, we at the BooPod Network put together a string of tales for you to hear regarding a very unusual, ghastly, wondrous and downright staggeringly mind blowing haunted area in America known as The Bridgewater Triangle.  Each podcaster taking part in this anthology will be telling you about certain parts of this place, but it is MY job to first introduce you to it the only way that I know how in a dark and foreboding manner.  Grab some popcorn and get comfortable because there is a lot to hear and you won’t want to miss a thing! @_the_nightcap_ – The Origins of The Bridgewater Triangle @hauntedukpodcast – The Phantom Hitchhiker of Route 44 @theskylarkbell – The Phantom Hitchhiker (original story from the phantom’s perspective) @mumsmysteriesandmurder – The 1987 Murder of Mary Lou Arruda in The Freetown-Fall State Forest @spillingthecrime – The 1987 Murder of Edward Cereto in The Freetown-Fall State Forest @shittin_bricks_podcast – The Taunton State Hospital @theparanormaltruth – Hockomock Swamp, King Philip’s Cave, Rayhnam Park, Easton’s Mill Pond, Solitude Stone, Mayflower Hill Cemetary & Profile Rock @theactivitycontinues – The Satanic Prostitution Cults in Fall River
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