The Merritt Carriage & The Top Five Harrowing Haunted Objects

Season 2 | Episode 5
32m | Dec 19, 2022
Happy holidays to one and all, creepy ones, and welcome to a special segment from The Nightcap! This time, I team up with two very talented podcasters from The BooPod Network; The Skylark Bell & Paranormal Exposed. We figured that the holidays deserved to put the fear and chills into everyone just as much as Halloween does so, we found a common tale to tell about a particular haunted baby carriage that was given to an unfortunate couple and, soon after, strange and terrifying things start to occur. While I put my spin on it, I also have an added bonus in the form of my list of items that have a certain way about them; at least from what people claim. From dolls and chairs to boxes and beyond, there is definitely something for everyone here so, why hesitate any longer? Do yourself a favor and tune in!! Ko-fi -  IG (collaborators) - @theskylarkbell & @theparanormaltruth
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