The News From Carroll County

Doyle Wayne Simmons, and Cecil Junior Watkins bring you “All the latest news from around Carroll County Texas, and beyond ...but mostly Carroll County.” A scripted spoof, on a small town news show, full of dubious yarns, banal anecdotes, and a healthy dose of silliness, played completely straight. Throw in some redneck tropes and few bad songs and, “you got yourself a description son!” If Andy Griffith and Garrison Keillor has ever wanted to team up, they might have made this podcast ...or maybe they would have developed a line of kettle popcorn, and distributed it via an MLM network. Might have gone either way.


Episode 3: Dead Eagle Road
Show Details22min 15s
Episode 2: The Four-Wheeler
Show Details27min 33s
Episode 1: The Tractor
Show Details32min 21s