The New Evangelicals Podcast

The New Evangelicals Podcast is here to push the Evangelical Church forward and to re-think how it approaches key cultural issues.


8. Decolonizing Oversea's Missions, The Church Persecution Complex and Surviving a Pandemic with Peter Lublink
Show Details1hr 3min
7. Purity Culture and Bad Sex with Dr. Camden Morgante
Show Details49min 46s
6. Emergency Broadcast: Satanic Panic, Sneakers and Evangelical Outrage Culture with Bridget Rivera
Show Details28min 32s
5. Deconstructing into Atheism with Will from Heretical Theology
Show Details58min 37s
4. Exposing Sexual Abuse in the Evangelical Church with Eric Skwarczynski Host of the Preacher Boys Podcast
Show Details47min 41s
3. The Deconstruction Rabbit Hole with Phil Drysdale
Show Details1hr 7min
2. Toxic Theology, Church Hurt and the Divinity of Christ with Jo Luehmann
Show Details50min 29s
1. Funny Videos, Evangelical Culture and Raising a Toddler during a Pandemic with Shama4Realz
Show Details53min 19s
Intro - Hello! Who Am I and What is This all About?
Show Details11min 13s