The Natural Ones - Podcast

A character-focused, roleplay-heavy actual play campaign in Dungeon and Dragons with hints of sci-fi and eastern fantasy. Phillip, Setlali, Clickwhistle, Liam and Nameless journey through Lorethia, striving to better understand not only the world, but themselves.


Episode 3: Out of the Marsh
Show Details2hr 47min
Episode 2: Back to Skull
Show Details3hr 20min
Episode 1: Beware the Ides of Marsh
Show Details3hr 43min
Prologue, Episode 4: The Plague Marshes
Show Details3hr 23min
Prologue, Episode 3: To Plague, or Not to Plague
Show Details3hr 23min
Prologue, Episode 2: What's the Plan?
Show Details2hr 50min
Prologue, Episode 1: Friendships & Farewells
Show Details3hr 3min
Introducing... Phillip, the Paladin
Show Details1min 37s
Introducing...Setlali, the Monk.
Show Details1min 45s
Introducing... Liam, the Artificer
Show Details2min 43s
Introducing... Nameless, the Druid
Show Details3min 3s
Introducing... Clickwhistle, the Rogue
Show Details4min 14s
Introducing... Lorethia, the World
Show Details2min 8s