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The Natural Ones - Podcast

A character-focused, roleplay-heavy actual play campaign in Dungeon and Dragons with hints of sci-fi and eastern fantasy. Phillip, Setlali, Clickwhistle, Liam and Nameless journey through Lorethia, striving to better understand not only the world, but themselves.


Book 2, Ep. 24: The Queen
Show Details3hr 31min
Book 2, Ep. 23: The Egregor
Show Details3hr 48min
Book 2, Ep. 22: Showdown in the Garden
Show Details3hr 29min
Book 2, Ep. 21: Long Way to the Top
Show Details2hr 56min
Book 2, Ep. 20: Weird Science
Show Details3hr 20min
Book 2, Ep. 19: Storming the Tower
Show Details3hr 11min
Book 2, Ep. 18: Infiltration
Show Details3hr 56min
Book 2, Ep. 17: Across the World in Eight Days
Show Details3hr 40min
Book 2, Ep. 16: To Kill a Queen
Show Details3hr 32min
Book 2, Ep. 15: The Boy Hero
Show Details3hr 1min
Book 2, Ep. 14: Some God Bullshit
Show Details2hr 36min
Book 2, Ep. 13: Keeper of the House
Show Details4hr 19min
Book 2, Ep. 12: Bat Out of Hell
Show Details3hr 5min
Book 2, Ep. 11: Hunting the Devil
Show Details4hr 38min
Book 2, Ep. 10: Going Down Underdark
Show Details3hr 19min
Book 2, Ep. 9: The Best Laid Plans
Show Details2hr 39min
The Famed Fatales: National Women's Month Special
Show Details4hr 35min
Book 2, Ep. 8: When the Devil Calls
Show Details2hr 50min
Book 2, Ep. 7: Debts to Pay
Show Details3hr 21min
Book 2, Ep. 6: A Promise Kept
Show Details3hr 17min
Book 2, Ep. 5: A Long Way Up
Show Details2hr 14min
Book 2, Ep. 4: Sentinel Showdown
Show Details2hr 47min
Book 2, Ep. 3: A Long Way Down
Show Details2hr 36min
Book 2., Ep. 2: The Tower of Blight
Show Details2hr 43min
Book 2, Ep. 1: A Boon to Pick
Show Details2hr 17min
Book 2, Prologue: A Dinner With Friends
Show Details3hr 47min
Episode 52: After the Explosion (Book One Finale)
Show Details2hr 33min
Episode 51: Tank Thieves
Show Details2hr 59min
Episode 50: Foul Machinations
Show Details3hr 21min
Episode 49: Demanding Answers
Show Details2hr 55min
Episode 48: The Secret of the Ooze
Show Details2hr 29min
Episode 47: In Fair Perona
Show Details3hr 44min
Episode 46: Striking a Deal
Show Details2hr 59min
Episode 45: In the Heart of Engmar
Show Details2hr 51min
Episode 44: Into the Woods
Show Details3hr 8min
Episode 43: Brick by Brick
Show Details3hr 51min
Episode 42: Building the Future
Show Details2hr 56min
Episode 41: The Heart of the Matter
Show Details3hr 23min
Episode 40: Grudge Match
Show Details3hr 15min
Episode 39: Collateral Damage
Show Details3hr 38min
Episode 38: The Assault on Harrow
Show Details3hr 4min
Episode 37: Harrow, It's Me
Show Details3hr 2min
Episode 36: Pack Tactics
Show Details3hr 10min
Episode 35: Playing with Wolves
Show Details2hr 31min
Episode 34: Homeward Bound
Show Details3hr 4min
Episode 33: Something in the Water
Show Details3hr 54min
Episode 32: The Wailing City
Show Details2hr 5min
Episode 31: Elephants on Parade
Show Details3hr 4min
Episode 30: Crossing the Border
Show Details3hr 20min
Episode 29: Escape from Tarrow
Show Details3hr 27min
Episode 28: Tales of Tarrow, Vol. 3
Show Details3hr 22min
Episode 27: Tales of Tarrow, Vol. 2
Show Details2hr 45min
Episode 26: Tales of Tarrow, Vol. 1
Show Details2hr 39min
The Howling Pine Saga: Prologue, Ch. 3
Show Details1hr 57min
The Howling Pine Saga: Prologue, Ch. 2
Show Details2hr 5min
The Howling Pine Saga: Prologue, Ch. 1
Show Details2hr 7min
Natural One-Shot: Space Kings
Show Details5hr 1min
Episode 25: Tarrow! Tarrow! Tarrow!
Show Details3hr 19min
Episode 24: The Party Parties
Show Details4hr 2min
Episode 23: Mayor, May I?
Show Details3hr 4min
Episode 22: The Exterminator
Show Details3hr 19min
Episode 21: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Show Details3hr 23min
Episode 20: That Sinking Felran
Show Details3hr 27min
Episode 19: As You Lycan
Show Details4hr 31min
Episode 18: To Kill a Mockingbird
Show Details3hr 24min
Episode 17: Clickwhistle Birdprison
Show Details3hr 20min
Episode 16: Monastery on the Mountain
Show Details3hr 49min
Episode 15: Playing Catch Up
Show Details3hr 46min
Episode 14: Dance With the Devil
Show Details4hr 13min
Episode 13: Hell Awaits
Show Details4hr 26min
Episode 12: Prepare for Hell
Show Details3hr 25min
Episode 11: Meet the Fratterfullers
Show Details3hr 17min
Episode 10: Underneath it All
Show Details2hr 44min
Episode 9: Romancing the Lodestone
Show Details2hr 48min
Redwall: A Feast of Riddles (Thanksgiving Special)
Show Details4hr
Episode 8: The Drug Runners
Show Details3hr 17min
Episode 7: Promises, Promises
Show Details3hr 4min
Episode 6: Joust the Two of Us
Show Details2hr 45min
Episode 5: The Luminescent Festival
Show Details3hr 3min
Episode 4: Taking Time to Grow
Show Details3hr 25min
Episode 3: Out of the Marsh
Show Details2hr 47min
Episode 2: Back to Skull
Show Details3hr 20min
Episode 1: Beware the Tides of Marsh
Show Details3hr 43min
Prologue, Episode 4: The Plague Marshes
Show Details3hr 23min
Prologue, Episode 3: To Plague, or Not to Plague
Show Details3hr 23min
Prologue, Episode 2: What's the Plan?
Show Details2hr 50min
Prologue, Episode 1: Friendships & Farewells
Show Details3hr 3min
Introducing... Phillip, the Paladin
Show Details1min 37s
Introducing...Setlali, the Monk.
Show Details1min 45s
Introducing... Liam, the Artificer
Show Details2min 43s
Introducing... Nameless, the Druid
Show Details3min 3s
Introducing... Clickwhistle, the Rogue
Show Details4min 14s
Introducing... Lorethia, the World
Show Details2min 8s